pH and ORP electrode series has many new customer advantages

It is immediately obvious from the outside appearance that mechanical changes have been made to the head of the electrode. The reference electrolyte is an additional development. Whereas acrylamide-based gels are still used in many inexpensive electrolytes, the new JUMO hydro-gel solely comprises toxicologically safe ingredients.

In combination with the proven JUMO salt reserve (pressed salt rings), this guarantees a particularly long-term stable reference potential and a stable electrode zero point. Jointly responsible for this is the high-quality ceramic diaphragm with a very low diffusion potential. Of course, the hydrolysis-stable reference electrolyte has no silver ions. The overall construction of the electrode ensures a good response rate.

Long-term serial investigation in drinking water with more than twenty different current electrodes has shown that the new JUMO BlackLine series has no problem competing with expensive process electrodes, and can even surpass them with regard to service life. The very good price/performance ratio is also retained in the new variant and improvements are included in the series without extra charge.
JUMO BlackLine pH and ORP electrodes with a 120 mm fitting length are available with a PG13.5 S7/S8 (SN7/SN8) electrode head or with a fixed connecting cable. The plastic shaft is made from black PPE as standard and a transparent OEM version is also available (other colors and versions on request).

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