JUMO DELOS T Electronic temperature switch with display and analog output

The high-quality platinum temperature sensors that have been integrated into the instrument have proved their practical worth in vast numbers over many years. Because the latest production technologies and high-quality components and materials are involved, the user is assured of maximum process safety. There are so many different types that the user is given optimum functionality, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

DESINA-compliant models are available for general machine and system construction.
The instruments are EHEDG-certified, for use in the food industry, and versions with diverse threaded connections and the usual industry flanges are available as required. A high-temperature variant, which can record temperatures up to 260 °C, is available specifically for measurement tasks in hot media.
If you want to measure even higher temperatures (up to 500°C), or if you would like to be particularly flexible in positioning the temperature sensor as space is very restricted, there is a version with a remote temperature sensor and M12 connector to fall back on.
The following output variants are available: one or two PNP switching outputs (transistor switching outputs) or one PNP switching output and one analog output signal. The user can configure the analog output signal as required. 0 - 20 mA,
4 - 20 mA or 0 - 10 V are available as temperature-proportional output signals.
The large, backlit LC display is not just used to show the temperature value, switching state and function, there is also a countersunk control element for user-friendly operation directly on the device. Configuration can also be carried out using a PC and the setup program. Once configuration parameters have been determined, they can be conveniently and safely copied to other instruments.
After mounting, the housing can be turned 160° to the left or right. This makes the display easy to read from all angles. It is also possible to reflect the display by 180°. There is a parameter to invert the two displayed lines, so that depending on its installation position, the display can always be read from the other side.
In the event of an alarm, the display changes color from yellow to red. The operator is thus certain to recognize the operating state of the system and react immediately. This means that an additional, local display is no longer required.
The units °C and °F are available to digitally display the temperature measurements. The number of process connections available for this universal device is vast – 50% higher than the industry average. This allows the device to be used in critical areas, such as the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology, or even in the food industry.

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