Differential pressure transmitter with railway certification

The JUMO MIDAS DP10: At Home on Railways All over the World

In the railway industry, measurement technology is subjected to exceptionally high loads and has to receive special approval. The JUMO MIDAS DP10 differential pressure transmitter masters these challenges with ease.

This pressure transmitter with a silicon sensor is used to detect the differential pressure in fluid and gaseous as well as low-aggressive media. The measurement range covers 0 to 40 mbar up to 0 to 16 bar differential pressure.

Two values are recorded by the pressure measuring cell. The differential value from these two pressures is converted into an analog two-wire current signal or ratiometric output signal. The piezoresistive silicon sensor is installed in a stainless steel measuring cell, which is integrated into the electronic system in plastic housing.

The highly vibration-resistant differential pressure transmitter has been certified for use in the railway industry in accordance with the latest versions of the standards under DIN EN 50155, DIN EN 50121, and DIN EN 45545.

Within the railway industry the JUMO MIDAS DP10 can be used in areas such as pressure monitoring for brake circuits or level measurement in service water, wastewater, and quench water tanks. JUMO MIDAS DP10 is also suitable for monitoring differential pressure to measure current in ventilation systems or for controlling the degree of contamination in filters.

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