Variable mechanical surface-mounted thermostat for ATEX applications

Maximum Process Reliability with JUMO exTHERM S200

The JUMO exTHERM S200 surface-mounted thermostat complements the extensive JUMO portfolio in the field of safety technology. It is available as a temperature monitor, safety temperature monitor, and safety temperature limiter. The [Ex i] version can be used directly in zone 1 or 21. Additional thermowells allow use in zone 0.


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JUMO exTHERM S200 is available as a single or double thermostat with capillary or rigid thermowell. The electrical switching element is a microswitch. This device operates according to the principle of pressure change in a closed system. The control ranges are between -20 and +500 °C.

Its standard industrial housing and the use of terminal blocks allows JUMO exTHERM S200 to be easily mounted and connected safely. The so-called NAMUR circuit (resistance with 10 kΩ and 1 kΩ) is already installed. Due to the robust design, use at ambient temperatures from -40 to +75 °C is possible. Separate weather protection or similar protective measures are usually not necessary. The surface-mounted thermostat has IP54 protection while IP65 is also available as an option.

Due to the minimal approval effort for the user and the simple implementation in thermal processes, a wide range of applications are possible for the JUMO exTHERM S200. Examples include the manufacturing of industrial boilers, tempering equipment, distillation plants, or district heating heat transfer stations.

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