JUMO CLOUD cloud-based SCADA system

JUMO CLOUD cloud-based SCADA system - benefits, application, licensing

One of the key advantages of JUMO Cloud is the ability to remotely access the process and measurement database, allowing engineers and operators to monitor and intervene in industrial systems from anywhere in the world via a web browser (pictured) JUMO has been evolving into a complete measurement solutions provider for many years, and our portfolio ranges from sensors for various physical measurements to controllers, recorders and industrial PLCs. JUMO Cloud, a cloud-based SCADA software for visualization, analysis and data archiving, is the next step in this development and an important contribution to the tenets of Industry 4.0. In this blog post, we introduce the features of the JUMO CLOUD platform, compare it to the JUMO SCADA smartWARE industrial plant control system, and answer your frequently asked questions about licensing. Read on!

JUMO CLOUD - Cloud-Based Industrial Software

JUMO Cloud is a modern cloud platform for visualizing, processing, analyzing, and archiving measurement and process data. Thanks to cloud technology, it allows users to access their data from anywhere in the world via popular web browsers. This solution is based on the "Software as a Service" (SaaS) model, meaning it is delivered as an online service without the need for installing additional software on local servers or computers. With JUMO Cloud, users can securely monitor several dispersed plants, processes, or locations remotely from a single dashboard, enhancing process reliability.

The main features of JUMO Cloud include:

  • High level of security: JUMO Cloud provides top-tier data protection, utilizing advanced encryption mechanisms and secure communication protocols. JUMO uses an advanced and redundant data storage infrastructure, ensuring high availability and reliability of the systems, while also complying with European data protection standards like GDPR.
  • Global data access: Thanks to cloud technology, users can access their data from anywhere in the world, needing only internet access and a compatible web browser.

With cloud technology, users can access data on their industrial process from anywhere in the world using a web browser

What Functions Does the JUMO CLOUD IOT Platform Have?

The capabilities of JUMO Cloud range from simple alarm messages and process status monitoring to complete system control.

  • Data Archiving: Enables configurable data acquisition and storage of average, minimum, maximum, and last values.
  • Data Compression: Provides compressed data storage with various configurable intervals.
  • Reporting and Trend Tracking: Users can easily visualize current and historical data, create time/value charts, and generate reports in Excel or PDF.
  • Alarm and Event System: Allows for precise planning of alarms and responses to different events in the system. This ensures that in case of any abnormalities or exceeded parameters, the system immediately notifies the relevant people, ensuring quick intervention and optimal situation management.
  • Process Visualization: Offers vector-based, self-scaling process screens with an animation editor for testing.
  • Camera Integration: Enables integration with cameras for real-time process monitoring.
Example of using JUMO Cloud industrial automation software to monitor the condition of swimming pools

Example of using JUMO Cloud industrial automation software to monitor the condition of swimming pools

JUMO Cloud

In JUMO Cloud, users have access to web-based reports that can be viewed in a browser, or downloaded as a PDF or Excel file. Report templates can be designed using HTML, and more complex calculations can be programmed using JavaScript

JUMO Cloud

Scada in the JUMO Cloud allows you to remotely monitor the course of a technological or production process, such as the temperature at wind farms in different locations.

What Differentiates JUMO CLOUD from JUMO smartWARE SCADA?

The JUMO smartWARE SCADA process monitoring and control software was developed in parallel with the cloud solution. JUMO Cloud and JUMO smartWARE SCADA are two distinct solutions we offer. Both systems, JUMO Cloud and smartWARE SCADA, are advanced tools for monitoring and managing industrial processes. The main differences between them are:

Data Location:

  • JUMO Cloud: This is an IoT (Internet of Things) cloud platform that enables visualization, acquisition, analysis, and archiving of data. It allows access to measurement data from anywhere in the world via web browsers. Data is stored in the cloud.
  • JUMO smartWARE SCADA: This software solution is designed for process monitoring and control. It offers features similar to JUMO Cloud, but data is stored locally on the client's servers or within their network.

Technological Base:

  • JUMO smartWARE SCADA: It is based on JUMO Cloud, meaning it shares many features with JUMO Cloud but includes additional functions and interfaces designed for SCADA.
  • JUMO Cloud: Offers a high level of security, visualization functions, alarming, planning, global access to process information, alarm management, and more.
  • JUMO smartWARE SCADA: In addition to the functions offered by JUMO Cloud, it also provides more advanced features for process visualization, data analysis, and programming to support production and operational processes.


  • JUMO Cloud: Ensures data is securely stored, including backup in European data centers in compliance with GDPR.
  • JUMO smartWARE SCADA: Provides local level security, with end-to-end encryption and the possibility of two-factor authentication.

In summary, both systems are used for monitoring and managing industrial processes. JUMO Cloud is an IoT cloud platform, while JUMO smartWARE SCADA is software that stores data locally on servers or within the client's network. JUMO smartWARE SCADA is based on JUMO Cloud and has the same capabilities but expands them with interfaces and functions designed for SCADA. The choice between these solutions depends on the specific needs and requirements of the user. JUMO Cloud is ideal for companies wanting to globally monitor and analyze data from various locations using the cloud, while JUMO smartWARE SCADA is suitable for enterprises needing an advanced, local system for monitoring and controlling industrial processes.

JUMO Cloud

JUMO smartWARE SCADa is a software solution designed to monitor and control processes. It offers functions similar to JUMO Cloud, but the data is stored locally on the customer's servers or on its network

Licensing and Payment Models for JUMO CLOUD SCADA Software

Regarding payment for JUMO Cloud, you can choose between a flat-rate payment or a pay-per-use model. Furthermore, should your needs increase in the future, there is the option to purchase additional storage. JUMO Cloud has been designed in a modular structure, which allows for customization of features and system expansion according to individual needs, ensuring flexibility and scalability of the solution.

Licensing Models:

  • Flat-rate model: A fixed, monthly fee for access to a specified number of features and resources in JUMO Cloud, regardless of actual usage.
  • Pay-per-use model: You only pay for the actual use of resources and features. Costs are calculated based on the number of used signals and the amount of stored data.

Your Benefits:

Flat-rate model:

  • Cost predictability: A fixed monthly fee makes budget planning easier.
  • Unlimited access: You can use all the features and resources without worrying about additional charges.

Who do we recommend this option for? It is ideal for companies with a constant, predictable level of usage and who prefer fixed costs.

Pay-per-use model:

  • Cost flexibility: You only pay for what you actually use, which can save money for companies with variable project workloads.
  • Automatic optimization: The quality of service adjusts to the current demand, ensuring cost efficiency.

Who do we recommend this option for? Perfect for companies with seasonal activity peaks or those needing more flexibility.

Purchasing Additional Storage:

  • JUMO Cloud offers flexibility in data storage. If you want to store data in the cloud longer than the standard package allows, you can purchase additional memory as needed.
  • When you reach 80% of the available memory limit, you will receive a warning with the option to purchase additional monthly memory.

Choosing the right licensing and payment model depends on your individual needs and business characteristics. Contact us – we will analyze the requirements of your enterprise together and select the model that provides the greatest benefits in terms of access, functionality, and costs.

JUMO Cloud

JUMO Cloud payment and storage model diagram

Integration of JUMO CLOUD with variTRON Series PLC Controllers

JUMO Cloud has been designed with comprehensive integration in mind. This means it can communicate with various measuring devices, automation systems, and other platforms.

Integration with JUMO variTRON System:

JUMO variTRON is a modern PLC controller offering a wide range of functions for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing industrial processes. Integration with JUMO Cloud enables the centralization of data from different locations and devices in one place, facilitating their analysis and management. This allows users to easily adjust system parameters, respond to changing conditions, and improve operational efficiency.

Benefits of Full Integration in the JUMO Ecosystem:

  • Data Centralization: With integration into JUMO Cloud, data from various devices and systems are collected in one place, simplifying monitoring and analysis.
  • Quick Response: Real-time data access allows for the rapid detection and resolution of issues before they become critical.
  • Process Optimization: Gathering data from various sources enables a better understanding of processes and the identification of areas for improvement.
  • Security: Full integration within the JUMO ecosystem ensures that all components are compatible and communicate with each other in a secure manner.
  • Scalability: The ability to expand and adapt the system as the company's needs evolve and change.

Full integration of JUMO products into a single ecosystem provides customers with a consistent, reliable, and efficient solution that they can use to manage and optimize their industrial processes.

Example of a complete system for measurement, analysis, control and data visualization using Cloud and smartWARE SCADA software, variTRON 300 and 500 PLCs, DICON touch and AQUIS touch controllers, flowTRANS MAG H20 flow meters and DELOS S02 pressure transmitters (coming soon)

IoT Platform for Secure Process Management in JUMO CLOUD - Summary

In the era of Industry 4.0, data management is the key to success. JUMO Cloud, as a modern cloud solution, meets these challenges by offering tools for visualization, analysis, and archiving of industrial data. With global availability, users can oversee their data from anywhere. The platform integrates with other JUMO products, allowing for quick and efficient data management. Available licensing models enable flexible adaptation to enterprise needs. In short, JUMO Cloud is a step forward in the digitization and automation of enterprises, making them more efficient and modern.

In parallel with JUMO Cloud, we have also developed another software – JUMO smartWARE SCADA. It has similar capabilities but extends them with interfaces and functionalities characteristic of SCADA systems. Unlike Cloud, it is installed locally on the client's servers.

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