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Values and culture

JUMO has been a family-owned company since 1948 and is now managed by the third generation. The most important factors are people, personal contact with others and working together - from management to all areas of the company. Thanks to the respect and understanding we show our employees, everyone at JUMO works together as a team. This is the basic principle for creating successful products and system solutions, and thus for the success of the company.

Respect and appreciation are the basic principles of JUMO

Roots and wings - values and change

As an owner-managed, third-generation family business, JUMO focuses on trust, reliability, sustainability, loyalty and respect when dealing with everyone, whether you are a customer, supplier, applicant or employee. Terms such as "sense of duty" and "diligence" are far from empty platitudes, but rather an essential part of the company culture. And when it comes to JUMO products, quality and reliability are firmly entrenched elements, especially in times when technological developments are accelerating.

In a positive sense, JUMO is a conservative company, but it has always changed throughout its 75-year history. As the "hidden champion", we have never rested on our laurels when it comes to leadership in the global market, but have always courageously faced every challenge. As a result, JUMO  stands out for its genuine achievements and expertise.

Solid growth: from Fulda to the rest of the world

JUMO does not follow every trend, but makes decisions through careful analysis and evaluation of future opportunities. Already with a great deal of common sense, the company's founder, Moritz Juchheim, expanded the product portfolio and internationalized what was once a temperature sensor factory. After establishing its first subsidiary in Belgium in 1971, JUMO managed to become the globally active corporate group it is today without a single acquisition. With its R&D facility in Fulda, JUMO has its roots in this particular region. At the same time, however, the entire world is its home.

Innovation that seeks new paths is as much a part of the winning recipe as tradition that focuses on solid financing with a high equity ratio. Long-term growth is more important than short-term sales and earnings goals.

At JUMO, people from different cultures and generations work side by side for common goals.

Diversity equals success

In a globalized world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, our success depends on the diversity of our workforce. Only in this way can our company be filled with diverse talents, experiences and perspectives that broaden horizons and thus open the way for new ideas to flourish. For us, diversity means inspiring innovation and making forward-looking decisions. With 33% women - an above-average statistic for our industry - and employees of different nationalities and experience levels, we have already succeeded in creating a diverse workforce in Fulda. Not forgetting, of course, our colleagues in our branches and subsidiaries around the world.

JUMO is:

  • cultural diversity
  • equal opportunities for women and men
  • integration of people with disabilities
  • generational diversity

Our recipe for success:
The people behind JUMO.

Behind every achievement is a person.

All the achievements and successes we have mentioned have been achieved by people - JUMO employees. They all contribute to the positive results achieved by the company. However, with success comes higher demands, which makes it even more important to have an experienced team.

The power of innovation comes from taking initiative. We actively encourage our employees at all levels to act independently by implementing flat hierarchies and fair play. Our employees know that JUMO not only offers attractive work, but also opportunities for advancement and development. Our corporate culture is based on trust, which strengthens and motivates.

At JUMO, we have many different, stable and interesting positions with various opportunities for development. We are looking for creative, flexible team players who are prepared to assume responsibility and who always put the customer at the center of their activities.

If we're talking about you, we'd love to meet with you.