Wireless temperature sensor for industrial composting plants

Wireless temperature sensor for industrial composting plants

As the amount of waste generated by societies around the world increases, efficient waste management is becoming increasingly important. In Poland, the amount of bio-waste composted or digested in biogas plants is steadily increasing - in 2021, about 10 million tons of biogenic waste was composted or digested in our country. Temperature is one of the most important parameters in the industrial composting process. Maintaining the right temperature is not only crucial for the degradation of organic waste, but also for ensuring the sanitary safety of the final product. Regular temperature monitoring and documentation are required for compost to be considered hygienically safe. Measurements are often done manually by composting plant operators, resulting in high personnel costs. In this blog post, we present a solution to this problem - a complete automation system consisting of a wireless temperature probe and PLC. Read on to learn how modern technology can help improve the efficiency of the composting process, reduce operating costs and meet regulatory requirements!

Challenges of temperature measurement in industrial composting plants

Temperature plays a key role in composting plants because, high enough, it reliably eliminates dangerous microorganisms. In some cases, the treatment temperature for all batches of a composting system must be measured at regular intervals and documented. In addition, this data should be available to the relevant governmental verification body, which at any time conditions the recognition of the compost produced as hygienically harmless.

During hygienic processing, it is crucial to ensure constant temperature monitoring of the material being processed. This process requires continuous, non-invasive and direct measurement of temperature, followed by automatic recording of the collected data. Traditional methods of manual temperature monitoring by composting plant operators are still often used, which are time-consuming and costly, generating high personnel expenses.

Measuring system for composting plant

Measurement system for composting plant - wireless temperature sensor wTRANS B with receiver and PLC mTRON T controller

Advantages of wireless compost temperature measurement

Traditional compost sensors and thermometers often involve cumbersome wiring, resulting in high costs and time-consuming installations. Modern wireless solutions offer a number of advantages, eliminating these problems. We will discuss the advantages of this measurement solution using our JUMO wTRANS B temperature sensor as an example.

Wireless temperature sensors are mounted directly in compost mounds, without the need to stretch expensive wiring. The transmitter, located in the holder of our sensor, is protected by a waterproof housing, guaranteeing resistance to the harsh conditions of the composting mound.

The system works on the principle of wireless data transmission, transmitting measured temperature values at regular intervals to a universal receiver. The radio frequencies used are resistant to external interference, ensuring reliable communication even over distances of several hundred meters.

The receiver can handle up to 16 temperature sensors simultaneously, integrating data from the entire composter. The collected information is then transmitted to master systems (e.g. composting control systems) via an RS485 Modbus interface.

Documenting measured temperature values with a PLC

PLC control systems, such as the JUMO mTRON T, make it possible to precisely record, monitor and document the temperature in the composter. Measured values are displayed on the multifunction panel in various formats including text, curves or bar graphs. Users are free to choose their preferred method of data presentation on the device, customizing it to their needs.

The multifunction panel allows not only data visualization, but also convenient system configuration. User-assigned password-protected access guarantees a high level of security and protects against unauthorized access to the system.

Access to data on the computer is provided by a built-in web server, and data recording is protected against tampering. An optional software package allows the automatic creation of a log for the production batch (e.g., in PDF format). The PLC makes composting more efficient and process documentation easy and secure.

Example of the temperature measurement process in a composting plant

Example of the temperature measurement process in a composting plant

Temperature measurement in composting plants – a summary

The use of JUMO's temperature measurement system makes it possible to meet RAL's important quality standards. The process of monitoring and documenting temperature in composting plants has now become much easier. It eliminates the need to record data manually - it is automatically documented and recorded, making it easier to verify the hygiene of the composting process. In addition, with it, the use of separate data loggers is no longer required. The lack of the need to install cables makes the system extremely easy to install and flexible.

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