JUMO industrial flow meters - what media can they measure?

You often ask us what media can be measured with our flow meters. Therefore, we decided to prepare an article for you that will comprehensively answer this question. Here we will also introduce the types of flow meters available in our offer and explain what their principles of operation are. In addition, we discuss their key advantages and give examples of industries in which they will be used. Read on and choose the right solution for your industrial application!

Types of flowmeters at JUMO

Keeping in mind the diverse needs of the industry, we offer a wide range of flow meters to suit different applications and media. Here is a brief characterization of the three main technologies for measuring the flow of liquids and other media that we offer:

Ultrasonic flowmeters (JUMO flowTRANS US series)

  • Operation: They use ultrasonic waves to determine the flow velocity of a liquid or gas in a pipe.
  • Advantages: They can measure flow in conductive and non-conductive media. They do not require physical intervention in the flow, making them non-invasive.
  • Applications: Reverse osmosis, seawater desalination, flushing water recovery, wastewater, cooling towers.
JUMO flowTRANS US W02 ultrasonic flow meter (406051)

JUMO flowTRANS US W02 ultrasonic flow meter (406051)

Electromagnetic flowmeters (OPTIFLUX and flowTRANS MAG series)

  • Operation: They are based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, measuring the flow of conductive liquids.
  • Advantages: They have no moving parts, which minimizes maintenance.
  • Applications: Drinking water, groundwater, wastewater, sludge, industrial water, metering systems, apparatus cooling

OPTIFLUX 2000 electromagnetic flow meter (406063)

OPTIFLUX 2000 electromagnetic flow meter (406063)

New in our offer! FlowTRANS MAG H20 electromagnetic flow meter (406065)

New in our offer! FlowTRANS MAG H20 electromagnetic flow meter (406065)

Turbine flowmeters (JUMO flowTRANS PW I01)

  • Operation: They use a turbine that rotates in response to fluid flow, and the speed of its rotation is proportional to the flow rate.
  • Advantages: They offer accurate measurements over specific flow ranges. High accuracy over medium and high flow velocity ranges.
  • Applications: Turbine flowmeters are ideal for measuring inert or low-aggressive media.

JUMO flowTRANS PW I01 turbine flowmeter (406020)

JUMO flowTRANS PW I01 turbine flowmeter (406020)

Orifice flow meters (JUMO flowTRANS DP R01/R02 and JUMO flowTRANS DP P01/P02/P03/P04).

  • Operation: They are based on the differential pressure generated by a flow disturbing element in the pipe.
  • Advantages: Wide measuring range, ability to work in difficult conditions such as high pressures or temperatures.
  • Applications: Thanks to its versatility, ideal for the petrochemical, power generation and food and pharmaceutical industries.

When comparing these technologies, it is clear that each has its own unique advantages. Ultrasonic flowmeters are non-invasive and can work with a wide range of media. Electromagnetic, on the other hand, offer stability and accuracy, especially in environments with conductive fluids. Orifice flowmeters, based on differential pressure, excel in reliability in high-pressure and high-temperature environments. Their versatility allows them to be used in a wide range of industries, from power generation to the food industry. Turbine flowmeters, on the other hand, are valued for their precision under specific conditions. Choosing the right technology depends on the specific requirements of your application.

Orifice flowmeters (JUMO flowTRANS DP R01/R02 and JUMO flowTRANS DP P01/P02/P03/P04)

Orifice flowmeters (JUMO flowTRANS DP R01/R02 and JUMO flowTRANS DP P01/P02/P03/P04)

What media can I measure with JUMO flow meters?

When considering the purchase of a flow meter, one of the most important decision-making factors is the type of medium we want to measure. Thanks to the advanced technology of JUMO, we have a wide range of flow meters at our disposal that will meet the diverse needs of the industry.

  • JUMO flowTRANS US W01: This is an ultrasonic flow meter that excels with both conductive and non-conductive media. This makes it a versatile tool for measurement in various applications, such as reverse osmosis or desalination of seawater.
  • OPTIFLUX 2000: This electromagnetic flow meter is ideal for groundwater, drinking water, sewage, and seawater.
  • OPTIFLUX 6000: This electromagnetic flow meter is designed with the most rigorous standards of the food and pharmaceutical industry in mind. It is perfect for measuring media such as beer, wine, or milk.
  • JUMO flowTRANS MAG H20: Its compact design allows for precise measurement of conductive media, making it indispensable in the food industry and in additional industrial facilities.
  • JUMO flowTRANS PW I01: If you are looking for a flow meter for neutral or less aggressive media, this turbine flow meter will be ideal for you.
  • JUMO flowTRANS DP R01/R02: This is a universal solution for single-phase, aggressive and non-aggressive gases, and liquids.
  • JUMO flowTRANS DP P01/P02/P03/P04: Thanks to pressure differential measurement technology, we can measure liquids, gases, and steam in closed pipelines.
  • JUMO flowTRANS MAG I02: An immersion magnetic-inductive flow meter, which is excellent in applications such as industrial wastewater treatment or irrigation.
  • JUMO flowTRANS MAG I01: Another immersion magnetic-inductive flow meter, ideal for liquids with a minimum conductivity of 20 μS.

New: JUMO flowTRANS MAG H20: Our latest proposal for those looking for a compact, yet extremely precise electromagnetic flow meter for applications in the hygienic industry or at dosing stations or cooling equipment.

In summary, JUMO flow meters offer a wide range of possibilities for various applications in the industry. Whether you need accurate measurements in beverage production or in the chemical industry, JUMO has the right flow meter for your needs.

Applications of JUMO flowmeters

JUMO industrial flowmeters are used by our customers in a variety of industries. In the water and wastewater industry, models such as the OPTIFLUX 2000 monitor the quality of groundwater, drinking water and wastewater processing. In the food and beverage industry, the OPTIFLUX 6000 meets stringent sanitary requirements, becoming indispensable in the production of beverages such as beer and wine. The chemical and pharmaceutical industries rely on flow sensors such as the OPTIFLUX 6000 for drug production and on orifice flow meters for monitoring aggressive gases and liquids. In the power industry, orifice flowmeters track vapor flow in power plants. The HVAC sector and the construction industry use models for heating and air conditioning systems. Agriculture uses them to monitor irrigation systems, and the metalworking industry for processes such as surface treatm

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