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How to control the climate in industrial greenhouses? Measurements of temperature and humidity, CO2 concentration, conductivity and pH

Industrial greenhouses play a key role in modern agriculture, enabling year-round cultivation and maximizing yields. In today's post, we'll focus on technologies that support precise monitoring of climate parameters such as temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration, ensuring optimal conditions for plants. We'll discuss measurement tools, integrated automation systems and the advantages of IoT platforms that help manage greenhouses and optimize production processes. Read on to learn how modern technologies can benefit your greenhouse!

How to measure temperature, humidity and CO2 in industrial greenhouses?

Today's industrial greenhouses use advanced measurement technologies that allow precise monitoring of key climate parameters such as temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration.

Temperature affects plant biological processes, including photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration. Each plant species has its own optimal temperature ranges. In greenhouses, temperature can be precisely regulated by JUMO sensors, providing plants with optimal conditions for growth throughout the year.

Adequate humidity helps maintain the plants' water balance and affects the transpiration process. A humidity level that is too low can lead to wilting of plants, while one that is too high can promote the development of fungal diseases. JUMO relative humidity sensors make it possible to accurately monitor this parameter.

Carbon dioxide is essential for photosynthesis. The optimal concentration of CO2 in greenhouses is 800-1000 ppm, which increases the rate of photosynthesis and accelerates plant growth. The company's CO2 probes provide precise monitoring and regulation of this parameter.

Integrated measurement sensors for industrial greenhouses

Integrated measurement sensors that simultaneously measure temperature, humidity and CO2 from the JUMO digiLINE series minimize the need to install multiple devices and increase measurement accuracy, ensuring optimal plant growth conditions.

Example of digiLINE system for fluid analysis and control

Example of a system for measuring conductivity, oxygen concentration and pH value of water, control and analysis in greenhouse crops

The role of automation systems in optimizing plant growth conditions in greenhouse facilities

Automation plays a key role in optimizing plant growth conditions in greenhouses. Automation systems enable precise control of all climate parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2, conductivity and pH, leading to increased production efficiency and crop quality.

As a greenhouse owner, you know how important it is to have complete insight into process data. Precise monitoring of temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration allows you to optimally manage your crops.

Indicator panels: Clear display and readings of climate parameters.

PLC control systems: Comprehensive solutions, such as JUMO variTRON, offer complete design freedom and customization.

What are the benefits of using an IoT platform in climate control systems for greenhouses?

The JUMO IoT platform offers advanced features that support the management and optimization of processes in greenhouses:

Real-time monitoring: Enables continuous tracking of all climate parameters and quick response to any deviations.

Remote access: With cloud integration, users can monitor and control processes in greenhouses from anywhere in the world.

Data analysis: The JUMO IoT platform allows for the collection and analysis of data, facilitating the identification of trends and optimization of growing conditions.

Alarm management: The system automatically notifies users of any irregularities, allowing for prompt corrective actions.

IoT Platform – Benefits for industrial greenhouses

Optimization of crops: Quick response to climate changes.

Increased efficiency: Better crop quality through continuous monitoring.

Flexibility: Adapting systems to specific needs.

Convenience: Remote management saves time.

Thanks to JUMO's advanced measurement and control technologies, greenhouses can achieve higher levels of efficiency and sustainability, resulting in better crop outcomes and greater customer satisfaction.

JUMO Cloud Software

IoT cloud solution enables real-time process visualization, data logging and storage, alarm management, and global access via web browsers

Climate control in greenhouses – a summary

Modern measurement technologies, such as those offered by JUMO, play a key role in climate management in industrial greenhouses. Precise monitoring of temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration ensures optimal plant growth conditions, resulting in higher crop quality and productivity. Integrated sensors and automation systems enable comprehensive control and regulation of all key climate parameters. In addition, the use of IoT platforms provides remote access, real-time monitoring and advanced data analysis, which significantly increases the efficiency and flexibility of greenhouse management. As a result, greenhouse owners can effectively optimize their production processes, minimize losses and increase customer satisfaction.

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