Hygienic pressure transmitter JUMO TAROS S46 H

Hygienic pressure transmitter in the food and beverage industry

Discover the importance of hygienic pressure transmitters in the food and beverage industry and how they affect product quality and process efficiency! The article outlines the advantages and areas of application of EHEDG-approved hygienic pressure transmitters such as JUMO DELOS SI and JUMO TAROS S46 H. Read the article to learn about the complete measurement chain from JUMO and discover how you can ensure food safety and excellent quality in the food industry.

The importance of hygienic pressure transmitters in the food industry

A pressure transmitter is a measuring device that converts a pressure value into an electrical signal. In the food and beverage industry, it is crucial as it helps to monitor and control production processes. In this way, under- or over-pressurisation, which can adversely affect product quality and process efficiency, can be avoided.

One of the key requirements for pressure transmitters in the food and beverage industry is to maintain high hygienic standards. This is why we offer special hygienic pressure transmitters that are designed to meet the requirements of industry standards and certifications, such as EHEDG. The advantages of these devices are not only their durability and accuracy, but also the ease with which they can be cleaned of residual media and maintain hygiene in the production process.

Our hygienic pressure transmitters meet the standards set by the EHEDG

Food industry - applications for hygienic pressure transmitters

JUMO pressure transmitters are used in various production processes in the food and beverage industry, including but not limited to:

  • production of milk and dairy products,
  • production of beverages, such as juices, mineral waters and carbonated soft drinks,
  • production of beer and other alcoholic beverages,
  • processing of meat and fish,
  • the production of sweets and confectionery.

Pressure transmitters are also used in fermentation and pasteurisation processes, where pressure plays a key role in the production process.

Hygienic transmitters with a dairy connection are used, among other things, for pressure measurement in the production of milk and milk products.

Hygienic pressure transmitters - the JUMO range

If you are looking for reliable and precise hygienic pressure transmitters for food, as well as pharmaceutical or medical applications, you can choose from a wide range at JUMO.

Of particular note are our JUMO DELOS SI and JUMO TAROS S46 H pressure transmitters. Both models are specifically designed for hygienic applications, ensuring not only reliability but also measurement accuracy over a wide pressure range.

Features of the JUMO DELOS SI pressure transmitter

The JUMO DELOS SI is a pressure transmitter with high precision and durability. It is EHEDG certified and has UL and EAC approvals, demonstrating its high quality. The transmitter is used in many industries, including the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The JUMO DELOS SI pressure transmitter has a current output signal of 4-20 mA and a voltage output signal of 0-10 V. The permissible medium temperature is - 25 to 200 °C.

Features of the JUMO TAROS S46H pressure transmitter

The JUMO TAROS S46 H, on the other hand, is a pressure transmitter dedicated to hygienic applications, which features high measurement accuracy and a wide range of electrical process connections. Its built-in magnetoresistive switch (MRS) allows for easy zero point correction using a magnet. The measuring range is 0.1 to 100 bar relative pressure or 0.25 to 40 bar absolute pressure.

The hygienic JUMO TAROS S46 h pressure transmitter is made of robust 316L stainless steel

Advantages of JUMO hygienic pressure transmitters

Some of the most important advantages of JUMO hygienic pressure transmitters are:

  1. Food safety: JUMO pressure transmitters are made of hygienic materials that comply with the requirements of the food and beverage industry. As a result, JUMO transmitters ensure food safety and minimise the risk of product contamination.
  2. High quality and durability: JUMO pressure transmitters are characterised by high quality and durability. They are resistant to chemical and mechanical agents, which ensures their reliability over a long service life.
  3. Easy cleaning and disinfection: JUMO pressure transmitters are designed to facilitate cleaning and disinfection processes. They have smooth surfaces that are easy to clean, minimising the risk of product contamination.
  4. High measurement accuracy: JUMO pressure transmitters have high measurement accuracy, which enables precise pressure monitoring in production processes.
  5. Wide range of applications: JUMO pressure transmitters are available in various versions, enabling their use in a wide range of production processes in the food and beverage industry, as well as the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
  6. Optimum customisation: JUMO pressure transmitters can be customised to meet individual customer requirements, allowing them to be used optimally even in non-standard applications.

The complete measuring chain from JUMO

At JUMO, we also have other measuring devices in this category, including hygienic temperature sensors, hygienic conductivity meters. We also offer the JUMO PEKA process connection adapter system. It is made of 1.4435 (316L) stainless steel with FDA-compliant seals and is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The system is easy to clean thanks to its hygienic design without dead spaces.