Manometer calibration

Calibration of pressure gauges, like other measuring instruments, helps to ensure that we are obtaining precise results in our measurements. In the following post, we explain what this process entails and how often to perform it. Check it out!

Pressure gauge - what is it and what is it used for?

Before we move on to the practical aspects of calibrating a manometer, we briefly explain what this device is and what it is used for. This instrument measures the pressure in closed systems. It is mainly used to measure the pressure of liquid and gases, in industries such as heating, plumbing, gas and plumbing.

These devices measure a difference in pressure with a U-shaped tube which is exposed to different pressure conditions at each end.

JUMO pressure gauge with pressure transmitter

If you are looking for a pressure gauge, you will find reliable equipment in the JUMO range. Our pressure gauge with pressure transmitter combines a traditional pressure gauge with a pressure transmitter with an analogue output of 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA or 0-10V. This device measures pressure in the range -1 to +400 bar. Thanks to its high-quality stainless steel design, the device can be used in practically all media, even in harsh environments. It finds its application predominantly in chemical and process engineering.

Pressure gauge with pressure transmitter

pressure gauge with pressure transmitter

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Calibration or calibration of pressure gauges?

Calibration and calibration are terms that raise a lot of questions in terms of their definitional meaning. In fact, the issue is not complicated - calibration and calibration are different terms for the same process. Simply put, the terms mean exactly the same thing. Whether a traditional or digital model is used, it is important to calibrate to ensure accurate readings.

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Why do pressure gauges need calibration?

Every measuring instrument ages and wears out, so that over time it no longer guarantees the correct results of the measured values. Calibration of pressure gauges, like other pressure transmitters, is necessary to determine the error value and to adjust the instrument. Only with regular calibration can we be sure of the accuracy and constancy of the pressure measurement. Furthermore, calibration of manometers is legally required by ISO 9001, among other standards.

What is the calibration process for pressure gauges?

Calibration of manometers involves determining the degree of deviation of a measuring instrument from the correct measurement value, as defined by a standard. The standard is a reference device with a higher accuracy than the manometer under test. For this purpose, a digital pressure transducer or even another manometer is used, as long as it has a higher accuracy. To check whether the instrument is within the acceptable error limit, the pressure must be increased and decreased over the entire measuring range. This is usually 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100%.

During the calibration of pressure gauges, no technical intervention such as linearity setting, zero point adjustment or range adjustment is performed.

Calibration of pressure gauges - how often?

Once you know why calibration is so important and what it involves, the next question that arises is probably "Every how often should a manometer be calibrated?". It is recommended that these measuring instruments be calibrated every year. This deadline needs to be particularly watched for instruments that have an accuracy class of 0.6 or better. Those with lower accuracy classes can be calibrated every two year

Calibration certificate for manometers

A calibration certificate is a document that confirms that a calibration has been carried out and provides information on, among other things, the deviations of the measuring instrument.

The calibration certificate should include:

  • information on the applicant and the user

  • subject of calibration

  • calibration method

  • environmental conditions

  • declaration of measurement consistency

  • results

Calibration of JUMO measuring instruments

We carry out the calibration service of pressure gauges for devices from -1 to +10 bar in our pressure laboratory. We also offer calibration of manometers measuring other pressure ranges or with accreditation, performed by our JUMO main branch in Germany.

You can read more about our calibration offer for pressure measuring devices here. Contact us - together we will find an individual solution!