Sudecka Philharmonic

Sudecka Philharmonic in Walbrzych - Harmony of technology and tradition for proper humidity and temperature of musical instruments

In musical institutions, it is extremely important to ensure the right storage conditions for the valuable instruments that are at the heart of every performance. Controlling environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature is crucial to maintaining their quality and reliability. Aware of this, the Sudecka Philharmonic, an important cultural centre for the Lower Silesia region and a meeting place for classical and popular music lovers, faced the challenge of ensuring the right climatic conditions to protect its valuable assets while providing the highest quality musical experience for its performers and audiences.

Task – optimum temperature and humidity for storing musical instruments

A key challenge for the Sudecka Philharmonic was to ensure optimal conditions for storing musical instruments in the warehouse and during rehearsals in the concert hall. In the past, inadequate humidity has caused serious problems, such as unsealing and cracking of wood in instruments such as double basses, which directly affected their damage. Controlling and maintaining a stable temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius and regulating humidity at 40-60% is essential to prevent these problems in the future. In addition, the Sudecka Philharmonic was keen to ensure a comfortable climate for performers and listeners in the Concert Hall.

concert hall of the Sudecka Philharmonic

The concert hall of the Sudecka Philharmonic Hall is equipped with wireless humidity and temperature monitoring sensors with local data display function JUMO Wtrans E01

Solution approach: wireless temperature sensors and a cloud-based process management platform

In response to the challenges of protecting musical instruments and ensuring acoustic comfort, the Sudeten Philharmonic has implemented an advanced climate monitoring system. It is based on JUMO Cloud technology, using JUMO Wtrans E01 sensors and the JUMO variTRON 300 central unit as a receiver. Two wireless temperature and humidity sensors have been strategically placed - one in the concert hall and the other in the instrument storage area - to ensure precise monitoring of these key parameters in the areas where instruments are kept.

As an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT) solution, JUMO Cloud offers the visualisation, alarming and reporting functions that are essential for effective climate management in the philharmonic. When humidity exceeds the set norms, the system automatically sends an SMS alert to the relevant people, enabling immediate action. This provides the Sudecka Philharmonic not only with the ability to monitor on an ongoing basis, but also to react proactively to any deviation from optimal conditions, which is essential to protect the precious instruments.

Central unit JUMO variTRON 300

The JUMO variTRON 300 central unit serves as a receiver for wireless sensors.

JUMO Cloud

JUMO Cloud software offers visualisation, alarming and reporting functions and access to data in the cloud from anywhere

Project result: security of instruments and comfort of visitors

The implementation of the JUMO system has significantly improved instrument storage conditions and the comfort of the Philharmonic's performers and guests. In addition, remote access to data and an SMS alert system provided Philharmonic staff with greater control and the ability to react quickly to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.


The implementation of the JUMO Cloud system at the Sudecka Philharmonic Hall in Walbrzych is an example of the perfect combination of tradition and modern technology. This solution not only protects valuable musical instruments, but also raises the standards of climatic comfort, which is invaluable for both artists and audiences. It demonstrates how technology can support and enrich the art world while preserving its historical and cultural heritage.