The mTRON industrial controller is a universal microprocessor-based device for controlling machine operation and automating control processes.

5 PLC industrial application examples based on mTRON

An industrial PLC that you don't need a programmer to set up? That's what our proprietary mTRON system is, combining know-how from 75 years of experience in process technology and user-friendly setup. In the post, we discuss, among other things, how a PLC works, when it is more advantageous than a controller and give examples of the most popular applications. Check it out!

PID controllers versus modular PLCs – similarities and differences

Our mTRON PLC-enabled central unit incorporates all the functions of a typical logger and PID controller, such as control, regulation, visualisation, alarming and reporting, but offers many more possibilities. It overcomes the limitations of the recorder, such as the limited number of control loops and inputs to which measurement sensors can be connected.

Example – JUMO DICON touch PID controller vs. JUMO mTRON PLC

For example, our bestselling JUMO DICON touch process controller has 4 universal analogue inputs and up to 8 external inputs. For more complex applications, this may not be enough. In such a situation, instead of using multiple controllers, it is better to get a PLC such as the mTRON T. Approximately, one such device is equivalent to 30 DICON touch recorders.

The mTRON control system with 15 modules corresponds to approximately 30 DICON touch controllers

MTRON T programmable logic controller – construction

MTRON T is a modular control system that works on the basis of an Ethernet network and an integrated PLC - a universal microprocessor device designed to control equipment operation. The system is scaled for your application - the number of modules and the software configuration depend on it.

Modular mTRON controllers allow different process variables to be recorded and controlled by a single system

Operation of the central unit with mTRON PLC

The mTRON central unit is pre-programmed - based on 75 years of experience in industrial automation, we have created ready-made process steps based on repeatable processes. Put simply, these ready-made modules are like building blocks - you can add, subtract and arrange them according to the requirements of your application.

If your application is unusual, this is also not a problem, as the system is equipped with a PLC. As a result, we are able to program any changes and additional functions into the code in the Codesys programming environment and individualise the project.

PLC systems mTRON – applications

The mTRON PLC is used in many industrial applications. In general, they can be divided into two main types:

Simple control of repetitive processes

The use of mTRON PLCs is beneficial in all industrial applications that rely on repetitive processes. The system includes ready-made process steps that you can adapt to your application and create more efficient manufacturing processes.

Documentation and registration

In addition, the mTRON PLC is the optimum solution in all applications where documentation and recording play an important role. The data collected by our system is tamper-proof and the generated reports can serve as evidence in court.

The data in the mTRON PLC is protected from tampering, which is important for, among others, supermarket food suppliers

PLC for the manufacturing process in food industry

Due to the aforementioned data tamper-proofing, our system will work very well in the food industry. If, for example, you supply food to supermarkets and it spoils, you will be able to certify that the error did not occur during your production process. The mTRON PLC has been successfully fulfilling its purpose for years with customers producing sausages, fish or pasteurising jars of food, among other things.

PLC for industrial furnace

When firing and annealing different types of materials, complex processes take place that require precise temperature control. You will achieve this with our mTRON PLC, which makes it possible, among other things, to monitor and control the temperature of dozens of furnaces or ovens. Process automation can also be extended to include barcodes, for example.

PLCs for the meat industry

Another popular application for the mTRON system is in the meat industry - from process steps such as drying, smoking, curing, cooking, etc., you can set programmes for different sausages, cured meats and so on. This will allow them to be prepared in one chamber, thus saving space and costs.

The mTRON PLC control mode allows automation of many repetitive processes in the meat industry

PLC controls in machine design

The mTRON central unit is also a good solution for machine builders, such as furnace manufacturers. Our customers in this industry gain a competitive advantage because they sell their devices with ready-made software. As a result, the end user only adapts the process steps to his application.

PLC in a wastewater treatment plant

The mTRON PLC system enables our water and wastewater customers, among others, to control several or more chambers and to connect all measurement sensors. This is the optimum solution for larger wastewater treatment plants, where a recorder (such as our bestselling JUMO AQUIS touch P) is not sufficient.

Programmable logic controllers mTRON – advantages

The central unit with the mTRON PLC can be used in many industrial applications. In addition to the applications listed above, our customers use the unit for process control functions in aquaculture, steel industry, paper industry, climate chambers, composting plants, herb dryers and plastic and glass production, among others. Contact us - our experts will develop a customised solution.

Other advantages of the industrial control systems mTRON include:

  • Simple and intuitive programme that you can operate yourself on your computer - no need for a programmer

  • Compatibility with our other measuring sensors, e.g. digital digiLINE series, WTRANS wireless sensors

  • Up to 120 control systems can be used simultaneously