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What do prices depend on at JUMO Poland?

At JUMO Poland, we firmly believe that each of our customers is unique and deserves an individual approach. Regardless of the scale of our business, every cooperation is valuable to us and we always try to adapt our offer to your individual needs and expectations. However, we are aware that many of you wonder about the mechanics of our discounting system. While each case is unique to us, there are a few discounting principles that we would like to share with you. We do this in the spirit of transparency and the belief that our relationship with you should be based on trust and openness.

  1. Principle quantity: One of the key elements of our pricing system is the quantity of equipment ordered. The size of the order has a real impact on what prices can be offered, allowing customers to achieve significant savings on larger purchases.
  2. Special offers for OEM customers: OEM companies, due to their large needs and their own production lines, often become our key business partners. Recognising this partnership, we offer them preferential terms.
  3. Integrators and their projects: Integrators who are involved in numerous projects are important to us. We therefore tailor our prices to their specific needs, appreciating the scale and scope of their involvement.
  4. We appreciate loyalty: Our cooperation with clients is based on mutual trust and long-term commitment. Regular customers who have supported our growth and used our products over the years can count on special prices as an expression of our gratitude.
  5. Individual approach to every customer: At JUMO, we always focus on individuality. Every customer, every project is different and deserves an individual approach. This is why every enquiry is dealt with individually by our sales department to ensure optimum conditions for cooperation.


Our pricing policy is an expression of our mission - to provide the highest quality products and solutions at prices tailored to our customers' needs. We value every customer, regardless of the size of their business, and aim to build lasting relationships based on mutual benefit.