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4 products that will make life easier for technicians - pressure transmitter, float switch, PLC, isolation amplifier

In the past decade, we have seen many technological improvements meant to streamline industrial processes. The demand for modern advanced tools keeps on growing, and JUMO has been at the forefront to make your technical work easier. Thanks to JUMO, technicians can now find the best tools to help in measurement control and automation technology. Below are four JUMO products that make work easier for technicians.

1. JUMO TAROS S47P Precision Pressure Transmitter

With the TAROS S47P, you can measure the absolute and relative pressure in fluids or gaseous media. The pressure transmitter has a temperature compensation feature that allows you to make accurate measurements that guarantee reliability.

The JUMO TAROS S47P allows you to measure absolute pressure up to 40 bar while the relative pressure measurement range goes up to 100 bar. This enables technicians from the plant construction, mechanical engineering, calibration, and test equipment manufacturing industries to measure pressure regardless of the environmental conditions.

The precision transmitter allows security types up to IP69, which gives you the maximum operational safety you deserve in different environmental settings. Technicians can get reliable measurements over a long time since the TAROS S47P has a fast and straightforward zero point of correction.

JUMO TAROS S47P Precision Pressure Transmitter

2. JUMO NESOS R40 LSH Horizontal Float Switch

With the JUMO NESOS R40 LSH, you can obtain redundant MIN/MAX level measurements since you can easily mount it on the sides of tanks or containers. The measurements are not affected by the tank geometries or media properties like pressure.

You don’t require an auxiliary voltage supply to switch the two contacts. You can also operate the JUMO NESOS R40 LSH from extreme temperatures between -52 and +240 degrees Celsius. It can also withstand pressures of not more than 88 bar. The IECEx approval makes it fit for use in power plants, chemical industries, and tank construction.

The JUMO NESOS R40 LSH is easy to mount, thus allowing you to save on installation costs. You can also save on storage costs by using the float switch as MIN or MAX with a variant.

JUMO NESOS R40 LSH Horizontal Float Switch

3. JUMO VariTRON 500 Automation system

This modular PLC/PID system comes with three new modules to create a super-fast performance and flexible operating philosophy. The JUMO variTRON 500 has LED displays to visualize switching statuses. It comes in portrait and landscape formats.

The system allows you to perform more than 120 simultaneous control loops, ideal for sophisticated processes. Besides, the input and output modules are flexible enough to enable system decentralization.

4. Two-channel JUMO EX-i Isolating Switch Amplifier

The JUMO EX-I isolating switch amplifier offers galvanic three-way isolation and signal transfer in various EX applications. It was developed for the JUMO NESOS float switch series but has proven to be compatible with other proximity sensors.

You can operate the switch amplifier within a temperature range of between -40 and +60 degrees Celsius. With this two-channel model, you don’t need another isolating switch amplifier, thus allowing you to save more on the control cabinet space and costs.

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, these incredible tools for measurement control and automation technology from JUMO will revolutionize the measurement control, recording, and monitoring sectors. Check out the JUMO product info section to discover more tools that will make your tech work easier.