Safety temperature limiter

Safety temperature limiter – safety thermostat STB

The safe operation of heat-generating installations requires the use of safety devices to prevent the set temperature level being exceeded - safety temperature limiters. With these, it is possible to detect and prevent risks associated with thermal processes at an early stage and thus protect the installation, products, people and the environment. Read on to find out how a temperature limiter works, how to connect it and how to check it.

High temperature limit switch – principle of operation

When the set limiting temperature (including hysteresis) in the temperature limiter is reached, the reset button is released, which switches the system into a safe state. The purpose is to protect the heating equipment from overheating.

The normal operating state of the system can only be restored manually or with a tool, e.g. a screwdriver setting. This is to ensure that the installation has been checked after the safety threshold has been exceeded and that any fault that led to overheating has been rectified.

Temperature limiter switch – standard

The switching characteristics of temperature limit switch are defined in DIN EN 14597 for the use of safety devices in heating installations. One of its most important requirements is that, once the limit temperature is exceeded, the devices must fulfil their control or switching functions within the set time parameters.

JUMO safety temperature limiters comply with DIN EN 14597.

How to connect temperature limit switches?

Heating systems usually use a combination of several closed-loop and open-loop controllers together with a safety temperature limiter. Safety temperature monitors and thermostats and temperature controllers are usually connected to this device.

Safety temperature limiter JUMO safetyM STB/STW

Connection of the safety temperature limiter part 1

Connection of the safety temperature limiter part 2

JUMO safety temperature limiters and monitors

At JUMO you will find universal STB temperature limitersas well as application-specific temperature limiters.

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Safety temperature limiter safetyM JUMO STB/STW

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