JUMO smartWARE SCADA PLC software

SCADA software smartWARE for the variTRON PLC

Are you ready for a revolution in the management and monitoring of production processes? Introducing the combination of the JUMO variTRON 500 PLC with JUMO smartWARE SCADA software - the key to complete control of your industrial operations. Enter the era of smart manufacturing, minimising the risk of errors, maximising productivity and profits. Read on to find out all the benefits and opportunities this advanced technology solution offers.

Integration of JUMO variTRON 500 PLC and JUMO smartWARE SCADA software: Efficient management and monitoring of production processes

Have you ever dreamed of having complete control over your industrial processes? Would you like to be able to effectively manage and monitor your production in real time?

Such an opportunity is provided by the integration of the JUMO variTRON 500 PLC and the scada system
JUMO smartWARE. This combination provides efficient process management and monitoring, giving you full control over your industrial operations. You will be able to track and control your processes in real time, analyse measurement data,
create personalised reports and receive alerts including SMS in the event of failures or irregularities. This will help you achieve optimum efficiency, minimising the risk of errors and maximising profits.

Sterownik PLC JUMO variTRON 500 rozszerza swoje możliwości dzięki zastosowaniu systemu SCADA

JUMO variTRON 500: the advanced PLC for industrial automation

JUMO variTRON 500 is an advanced control and automation system with a controller PLC based on the JUMO JUPITER modular platform. Thanks to its state-of-the-art hardware platform with an 800 MHz processor, the system provides high performance. The central processing unit manages all configuration data and parameters, enabling flexible personalisation.

It allows you to precisely control and supervise your company's processes. It is a tool that offers flexibility and ease of programming, allowing you to adapt it to the specific needs of your business. Controller
The JUMO variTRON 500 PLC is also compatible with other devices, making it easy to integrate into your system. With this controller, you can improve
production efficiency, optimise processes and increase safety in
your plant.

Two versions of the device are available: variTRON 500 and variTRON 500 touch with an integrated HMI display.

New from JUMO - variTRON 500 touch PLC with integrated HMI panel

SCADA JUMO smartWARE: Software for visualisation and analysis of measurement data

SCADA JUMO smartWARE is advanced SCADA software that offers not only
visualisation, but also analysis of measurement data in industrial automation. It allows you to easily monitor and control various parameters and indicators in your plant.

This SCADA system enables you to visualise your processes through intuitive interfaces, making it easy to quickly understand and respond to any problems. In addition, it provides tools for data analysis, allowing you to detect trends, identify
deviations and optimise processes. This enables you to make
data-driven decisions, improve production efficiency and optimise the resource utilisation. A SCADA system is an extremely valuable tool that helps to effectively manage and monitor processes in industry.

SCADA systems from JUMO - special features

The most important features of our SCADA system are:

  • Customisable user rights and dashboards
  • Unlimited access to dashboards using any number of end devices (clients) via popular web browsers, without the need to install software, browser plug-ins
  • Ability to report more efficiently through extensive reporting and export functions
  • Alarm management through data evaluation, scheduling and monitoring/remote alarm functions (text message, e-mail, push message, telephone call)
  • Process visualisation via editor with integrated analysis and testing tool and vectorised, self-scaling process screens
  • End-to-end encryption, HTTPS, TLS, two-factor authentication (OTP)
  • Extensive trend displays and reports with various graphs, comparison and export functions
  • Timer and timer programmes with unique events and series
  • State-of-the-art drivers and protocols, such as OPC UA, MQTT and REST AP

Alarm system in the JUMO smartWARE SCADA software

Integration of the JUMO variTRON 500 PLC with JUMO smartWARE SCADA software: Benefits and opportunities

Extending the capabilities of the JUMO variTRON 500 PLC with a SCADA system provides benefits such as:

  • Fast fault detection and reaction: By collecting data from measuring devices and visualising processes in real time, you can immediately notice any irregularities or failures in your plant. For example, if the temperature or pressure exceeds set values, you will receive an alarm, allowing you to react quickly and take appropriate corrective action.
  • Increased production efficiency: Analysing measurement data allows you to identify areas where improvements can be made to increase production efficiency. For example, by analysing energy consumption data, you can identify areas where energy can be saved or the use of machinery and equipment can be optimised.
  • Trends and forecasting: the JUMO smartWARE SCADA software allows you to track trends and forecast future process behaviour. Based on previous data and trend analysis, you can predict when certain problems or failures may occur, enabling you to take preventive measures and minimise downtime.
  • Documentation of processes in the form of reports: The software allows you to document measurement data and save it in the form of reports. You can generate detailed reports on the various parameters present in the supervised process, such as temperature, pressure, level, etc. These reports can be useful for auditing purposes, trend analysis and also for meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Easy access and remote monitoring: the JUMO smartWARE SCADA in cooperation with the JUMO Cloud enables you to access measurement data and process visualisation from anywhere via PC, tablet or smartphone. You can monitor and control your plant even while you are away, providing convenience and management flexibility.
    All these benefits are aimed at improving the efficiency, safety and control of processes in the industry. Properly integrated SCADA software allows you to be in full control of your installation and make informed decisions based on the analysis of measurement data, and therefore in achieving better financial results.

Examples of the use of SCADA systems in industry

A SCADA system integrated with a JUMO variTRON 500 PLC is successfully used by our customers in industries such as:

  • Meat processing industry
  • Heating and air-conditioning industry
  • Beverage industry, including brewery technology
  • Water and wastewater industry

Our SCADA system works well in both large and small plants with industrial automation systems. We particularly recommend it for companies with the advantage of continuous, repetitive industrial processes.

IoT platform for process visualisation, data acquisition, analysis and archiving - JUMO Cloud

In parallel with the SCADA solution, the JUMO Cloud platform was developed. It allows access to measurement data worldwide via web browsers. You do not have to worry about the security of the shared data - this is taken care of through redundant and certified storage.

It can be used to monitor multiple plants or processes via a single dashboard, increasing process reliability. Reporting and export functions are also available to facilitate the collection of verifiable data. JUMO Cloud is integrated with the JUMO JUPITER platform, which is the core of the JUMO variTRON system.

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