Temperature measurement in the warehouse – complete system

Ensuring the right conditions in warehouses plays an important role in product safety and avoiding loss of goods. In this article, we present a complete system for maintaining the correct temperature and humidity, including measuring sensors and an automation system for data recording and analysis. Read more!

Optimum temperature and humidity in dry goods storage

The ambient temperature and humidity in the warehouse are parameters that absolutely must be controlled. When a room is too hot, too cold or the humidity is too high, products such as groats, rice, spices or flour spoil and soften.

The ideal temperature in dry storage is between 10 and 20 ºC, depending on the specifics of the particular product and the manufacturer's specific recommendations. For example, the desired temperature and humidity in flour storage is 15 ºC and 60% respectively.

What temperature should be in warehouse?

Temperature monitoring in food warehouses is crucial for food safety. Even minor deviations can result in spoilage of products and thus loss of goods.

If set temperature values in the storage hall are exceeded, documented action must be taken. The aim is to maintain the cold chain without gaps, as temperature increases lead to a reduction in the value of the products, and the specified best-before date can no longer be observed.

Examples of prtimal warehouse temperatures

Here are some examples of specific temperature ranges in storage rooms depending on the type of food stored:

  • temperature in the silage warehouse - not exceeding 10ºC for short-term storage and between 0-4ºC for long-term storage

  • temperature in the egg warehouse - about 4-5 ºC

  • temperature in the cold store - minimum temperature in the cold store is -18 ºC

The storage temperature for products requiring refrigeration like frozen food is min. -18 °C

Warehouse temperature and humidity sensors

The following are used for temperature measurement in warehouses:

Temperature sensors for wall mounting in halls and warehouses

JUMO wall-mounted temperature sensors can be installed indoors or in outdoor storage. Their most important features are:

operating temperature from -50 to +90 ºC

  • a choice of several versions with plastic housings with different protection ratings from IP20 to IP65

  • 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection

  • optional fitting of a 4 - 20mA (0 - 10V) head transducer

  • one or two measuring inserts, Pt100, Pt500 or Pt1000 sens

Wireless sensors for temperature

If you want to avoid wiring the installation, the JUMO wTRANS resistance wireless temperature sensors are the optimal solution. A few of their main advantages are:

  • application for operating temperatures from -30 to +260 °C

  • possibility of mobile or stationary temperature measurement

  • range of up to 300 m and interference-free transmission

Wireless sensor and receiver from the wTRANS series

What does one measure humidity in a warehouse? Sensors for measuring the humidity in the warehouse

Temperature and humidity in the warehouse can be measured with a single JUMO device. Our humidity and temperature transmitter for air-conditioning applications is distinguished by its high measurement accuracy and outstanding humidity resistance. Versions with a convenient LCD display are available.

Warehouse temperature monitoring system – data stored in the cloud with the JUMO variTRON PLC system

Temperature and humidity monitoring sensors can be connected to a central unit with a JUMO variTRON 300 or 500 PLC. It manages all data and parameters and stores the data in the JUMO Cloud.

Our humidity and temperature monitoring systems have advantages such as:

Remote access

You gain remote access from anywhere in the world to data on your storage conditions. This system does not require the installation of software, plug-ins or add-ons - all you need is a web browser.


A continuously updated list of events, such as increases or decreases in temperature or humidity. Based on this, you can easily generate a report.


If predefined limit values are exceeded or underestimated, an e-mail or sms notification is sent to a defined group of people with an alarm message.


You also get access to process visualisations, acquisition, analysis and historical data.


High level of security management thanks to certification, end-to-end encryption and redundant infrastructure.

Thanks to its modular hardware concept, the JUMO variTRON has a high degree of flexibility, allowing it to be used in a wide range of applications.