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JUMO industrial thermostats - types, temperature ranges and certifications

Thermostats play a key role in a variety of temperature control systems, from refrigeration to the food industry, HVAC technology and the energy sector. At JUMO, we know this very well, having developed and perfected our devices for more than 70 years. In this blog post, we answer your most frequently asked questions about our range of thermostats, their production, their temperature range, and their certifications and approvals. Read on to understand which device will best meet the requirements of your project!

Thermostat manufacturing at JUMO - many years of experience and a high internal production rate

We have been manufacturing electromechanical thermostats for more than 70 years and supplying them to customers around the world. We are constantly adapting our thermostats to meet the requirements of the future, which is why we remain at the forefront of this industry. The production of thermostats takes place at our headquarters in Fulda, Germany, with attention to meeting "German quality" standards. The key to producing reliable and high-end devices is our high in-house production rate. With this strategy, we have full control over the creation of key components of our thermostats. Depending on the series of the device, it is possible to produce customized versions or economical large-scale series production.

JUMO heatTHERM thermostats

The introduction of the JUMO heatTHERM series of thermostats was a breakthrough for us, as it ushered in greater automation of production proce

JUMO heatTHERM thermostats

Automated production of capillary thermostats

How are our thermostats tested before shipment to the customer?

At JUMO, we place great importance on the quality of our thermostats, which are at the heart of many industrial processes around the world. As a result, the manufacturing process for our measurement systems is subject to stringent requirements to meet our quality demands. Automated processes, such as membrane production or the addition of filling medium, have integrated monitoring systems. Thermostat measurement systems are not released for further use until they have passed all stages of testing.

The breakthrough for us came several years ago with the introduction of the JUMO heatTHERM thermostat series. At that point, we relied on state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Thanks to automatic adjustment mechanisms that replaced many of the previously manual operations, our devices are now even more precise and efficient. Importantly, we are not resting on our laurels - we are constantly monitoring, improving and adapting our production processes to the latest technological trends.

Automatic filling station for thermostat measuring systems

Automatic filling station for thermostat measuring systems

Automated thermostat control in large-scale mass production

Automated thermostat control in large-scale mass production

Types of thermostats for industrial applications in JUMO's product range

We have an extensive portfolio of thermostats with different housing dimensions, technical features, mounting types or temperature ranges. We offer a wide range of electronic, electromechanical and mechanical thermostats. Our thermostats are used in various industries, primarily in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. We offer panel-mounted thermostats, surface-mounted thermostats, thermostats for installation in equipment, such as thermostats for control cabinets or specialized anti-freeze thermostats. For more demanding applications, we offer thermostats / controllers with PID controller function, which provide precise and stable temperature control.

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JUMO heatTHERM built-in thermostats (602031)

JUMO heatTHERM built-in thermostats (602031)

JUMO EM (602021) panel-mounted thermostats for up to 500°C

JUMO EM (602021) panel-mounted thermostats for up to 500°C

Surface-mounted thermostats

Surface-mounted thermostats are devices that are mounted on the surface of a wall or other element to monitor and regulate temperature in various systems and applications. Due to their design, they provide easy access and operation, and allow quick installation in areas where built-in mounting is not possible or practical.

JUMO surface-mounted thermostats are available in a variety of versions to suit the requirements of different industrial applications. The range includes single and double thermostats with knob setting from the ATH series, which are ideal for the heating, air-conditioning and general mechanical engineering industries. They also come in a version as a safety thermostat.

The surface-mounted thermostat in the ATH-SE series and the JUMO heatTHERM S600 are designed for more specific applications, such as shipbuilding and ventilation. All models feature reliable single-pole latching switches and a variety of temperature control ranges, and have the appropriate certifications and approvals, such as DIN or PED.

JUMO ATH housing safety thermostats (603021)

Anti-freeze thermostats

Refrigeration controllers, such as the JUMO frostTHERM-AT/DR and JUMO frostTHERM-ATE, are designed to protect air conditioning, refrigeration and other systems from the effects of freezing. The frostTHERM-AT/DR are surface-mounted thermostats that offer precise temperature monitoring and control, with customizable capillary length. The frostTHERM-ATE, on the other hand, are electronic anti-freeze thermostats with adjustable safety temperature limiters.

Thermostat JUMO frostTHERM

JUMO refrigeration controllers, such as JUMO frostTHERM-AT/DR and JUMO frostTHERM-ATE, are designed to protect air conditioning, refrigeration systems and other equipment from the effects of freezing

Electronic thermostats with PID controller function

JUMO miroTRON electronic thermostats are new additions to our portfolio. These advanced temperature control solutions are available in various formats to meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications. The series includes two round-shaped models in 60 mm or 80 mm, ideal for replacing traditional mechanical dial thermometers, and two rectangular-shaped models that offer a larger display area.

All models feature intuitive operation supported by text messages and application flexibility. With measurement inputs for resistance temperature sensors, thermocouples or standard signals, these thermostats provide precise control of thermal processes. Configuration is simple and intuitive, with the option of using a configuration program on a PC or via a USB interface. What's more, they have versions with PID controller functionality. In practice, this ensures temperature stability, minimizing fluctuations and responding effectively to disturbances such as the opening of a heating furnace door or a change in load, such as a sudden increase in the number of people in a room or the opening of windows.

JUMO miroTRON electronic thermostats

JUMO miroTRON electronic thermostats are new to our portfolio

Temperature Ranges in JUMO Thermostats

The temperature range of JUMO thermostats is from -40°C to 650°C. Here is a breakdown by individual devices:

Surface-mounted Thermostats:

  • Single surface-mounted thermostats from the ATH series: up to 500°C
  • Double surface-mounted thermostats from the ATH series: up to 500°C
  • Surface-mounted thermostat from the ATH-SE series: up to 300°C
  • JUMO heatTHERM 5600 - Double surface-mounted thermostat: up to 300°C
  • JUMO heatTHERM-AT/DR - Surface-mounted thermostats: up to 350°C
  • JUMO frostTHERM-AT/DR - Frost protection thermostats: up to 15°C
  • JUMO frostTHERM-ATE - Electronic frost protection thermostat: up to 10°C (Measurement range: 0°C to 15°C)
  • JUMO exTHERM-AT - Explosion-proof surface-mounted thermostat: up to 500°C

Electronic Thermostat / Controller with Optional PID Two-State Regulator Function - JUMO miroTRON: from -200°C to +600°C.

Digital Dual-Channel Refrigeration Controller - JUMO eTRON M100: from -200°C to +600°C.

Built-in Thermostats in Devices - JUMO ETH:

  • Regulation range with gas filling: from 20°C to 500°C.
  • Regulation range with liquid filling: from 50°C to 300°C.

Hot Air Thermostats for Mounting - JUMO WTHc: from 20°C to 80°C.

Frost Protection Automatic / Sensor - JUMO frostTHERM-ATE:

  • Maximum regulation range/limit value: 10°C.
  • Measurement range: from 0°C to 15°C.

Certificates and Standards for JUMO Thermostats

In the world of modern technology and industry, certificates and standards play a key role in ensuring the quality and safety of products. JUMO thermostats, known for their reliability and precision, are no exception in this context. Each thermostat leaving our production plants meets rigorous standards and has the appropriate certificates that confirm its quality and compliance with international standards. One of the most important certificates our thermostats hold is the PED certificate, which is crucial for many industrial sectors. But that's not all - our products also meet other important standards and have certifications such as DIN, UL, or EAC. We also have ex thermostats approved for use in explosion-prone areas (ATEX, RTN, IEC Ex). This ensures that our customers can be confident that by choosing JUMO thermostats, they are investing in the highest quality products that meet all necessary industry requirements.

Thermostats with PED

PED stands for "Pressure Equipment Directive", which sets requirements for the design, production, and conformity assessment of pressure equipment. The PED certificate is essential for all pressure equipment, including thermostats, sold and used in the European Union. It ensures that the product is safe to use and meets all required quality and safety standards.

JUMO heatTHERM-AT/DR - Surface-mounted thermostat. Holds certificates: DIN, UL, PED, EAC.
Panel-mounted thermostats EM series - Thermostats mounted in panels
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