Three-phase thermostat JUMO heatTHERM P300

Three-phase thermostat: precise temperature control for industrial applications

In industry, precise temperature control is essential for operating efficiency, product quality and overall safety. Three-phase thermostats are designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of industrial electrical systems that operate on three-phase power. They provide accurate temperature control while taking into account higher voltage and current. In this article, we will discuss the concept of three-phase thermostats, their functionality and their importance in industrial applications. We will also delve into the features and advantages of the JUMO heatTHERM P300, a three-phase thermostat known for its high voltage performance and favourable price.

What are three-phase thermostats?

A three-phase thermostat is designed for industrial applications that operate on three-phase electrical systems. Unlike single-phase systems commonly found in residential buildings, three-phase systems provide more power, making them suitable for heavy machinery, large-scale manufacturing plants and industrial environments.

Three-phase thermostats are used to control the temperature control of a process or equipment by monitoring it and activating or deactivating the heating or cooling system at the appropriate time. They ensure that the desired temperature is maintained within the specified range, optimising energy efficiency, preventing overheating and ensuring consistent performance.

The JUMO heatTHERM P300 three-phase thermostat (602090) is suitable for both more advanced and simple applications requiring temperature control with different control ranges.

How do three-phase thermostats work?

Thermostats Three-phase thermostats use a combination of sensors, control algorithms and switching mechanisms to achieve precise temperature control. They typically incorporate temperature sensors such as thermocouples or resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) to measure this property in the system being monitored.

When temperature exceeds the desired setpoint, the thermostat activates a switching mechanism to interrupt or switch on the power supply to the heating or cooling. This control action is achieved using a relay or solid-state switching device capable of handling the higher voltage and current associated with a three-phase supply.

JUMO heatTHERM P300 capillary thermostat (602090) has a permanently adjustable range on request

Three-phase thermostats - heat pumps and other applications

This type of thermostat has applications in various industries that require precise temperature control in three-phase powered systems. Here are some examples:

  1. Industrial manufacturing: Three-phase thermostats are widely used in production machinery and other industrial equipment, such as industrial ovens and dryers, where precise temperature control is essential to achieve optimum operating conditions and high production quality.
  2. Food industry: In the food industry, three-phase thermostats are used in industrial kitchens, e.g. in water heaters, and in delicatessen equipment such as pizza ovens, deep fryers or toasters, among others.
  3. Screw-in heaters and three-phase controlled electric heaters
  4. Electric heat generators - heat pumps

JUMO heatTHERM P300: three-phase capillary thermostat with advanced safety functions

JUMO heatTHERM P300 is a three-phase thermostat with advanced functionality and safety functions, which automatically disconnects all phases from the power grid power grid in the event of a fault, ensuring system protection. It offers high switching capacity (up to 480 V) and robust design, ideal for a variety of industrial applications, and features additional diagnostic functions for easier monitoring and troubleshooting.

This high voltage performance makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications requiring robust and reliable temperature control, such as screw-in heaters, electric heaters, food industry, kitchens industrial kitchens, heating equipment and electric heat generators. What's more, its favourable price makes it an attractive option for buyers in industrial plants looking for cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Three-phase thermostat with capillary JUMO heatTHERM P300 with thermocouple break monitoring function


Thermostats Three-phase thermostats are specifically designed to handle the unique requirements of electrical three-phase power systems, providing accurate temperature control while taking into account higher voltage and current. The JUMO heatTHERM P300 for installation in industrial equipment stands out as a three-phase thermostat, offering high voltage performance up to 480 V, advanced safety features safety features and a favourable price. Contact us and receive a product quotation!