Ultrasonic flowmeters flowTRANS – new products from JUMO

Ultrasonic flow meters are technologically advanced devices which use sound waves to measure flow rate of liquid or other medium. They measure in a non-contact manner, which is why they are most often used under high pressure or for aggressive liquids. Find out how this type of liquid flowmeter works, in which industries it is used, and what new products JUMO offers.

Liquid flow meters – types

The stationary flowmeter is used for continuous monitoring of the flow rate. Portable ultrasonic flowmeter is used in applications with limited space and for control measurements.

How ultrasonic flowmeter works?

Ultrasonic flow measurement is based on the fact that acoustic energy flows through the medium both upward and downward. The difference in the transit time of the signals is proportional to the total flow rate, or fluid velocity. This method measures the difference in elapsed time between sending the signal from the first sensor to the second sensor.

Measuring fluid flow

If there is no flow in the pipeline, these transit times in each direction are equal. If the fluid is moving in the direction of flow, the sound moves faster. Similarly, the sound moves slower when the medium flows in the opposite direction.

Ultrasonic flowmeter - principle of operation

Measurement in conductive and non-conductive media

Ultrasonic flowmeters are designed to measure fluid flow in conductive and non-conductive media.

One device includes functions such as:

  • ultrasonic water flowmeter

  • ultrasonic gas flowmeter

  • ultrasonic wastewater flowmeter

Ultrasonic flowmeters flowTRANS US

One of the most modern ultrasonic flowmeters are the flowTRANS US series from JUMO. They are based on the ultrasonic communication of dolphins - the most intelligent mammals after human.

The advantages of ultrasonic flowmeters in a nutshell

  • ultra-fast
  • accurate flow rate
  • measurements in conductive and non-conductive media
  • low energy consumption
  • easy maintenance due to construction without moving parts
  • simple installation without a T-piece
  • metal-free design suitable for use in corrosive media and environments


The JUMO flowTRANS US W01 is suitable for accurate measurements as the error limit is only +/- 2% of the measured value. Thanks to the metal-free housing and the plastic pipe with nominal widths from DN 15 to DN 32, this liquid flowmeter has flexible use, even in corrosive media. The IP65 protection class ensures that the device will retain its function even under harsh conditions.

Ultrasonic flowmeters JUMO flowTRANS US W01

Ultrasonic flowmeters JUMO flowTRANS US W01

Ultrasonic flowmeters JUMO flowTRANS US W01

Ultrasonic flowmeters JUMO flowTRANS US W01


In addition to its basic functions, the JUMO flowTRANS US W02 also features a display and Bluetooth interface. Moreover, it offers more accurate measurement with an error limit of +/- 1% of the measured value. This ultrasonic flowmeter has a permanently installed temperature sensor and can optionally be expanded to include pressure measurement.

Easy configuration and installation with IO Link and JUMO digiLine

The JUMO flowTRANS US W02 can be combined with the JUMO digiLine system, an intelligent sensor network for liquid analysis. What's more, an application for operating JUMO sensors is integrated in this system. This application is used for the new JUMO meroTRON controllers. The non-invasive ultrasonic flowmeter is available with an IO-Link interface and can be combined with the JUMO digiLine – the intelligent sensor network for liquid analysis.

Ultrasonic flow meter JUMO flowTRANS US W02

Ultrasonic flow meter JUMO flowTRANS US W02

Ultrasonic flow meter JUMO flowTRANS US W02

Ultrasonic flow meter JUMO flowTRANS US W02

Ultrasonic flowmeter – application

  • The ultrasonic flowmeters of the flowTRANS US series have a wide range of applications, including:

  • water and environmental engineering (e.g., mildly contaminated wastewater as well as drinking or service water

  • chemical dosing

  • heating, air conditioning and ventilation (e.g. cooling water circuits and cooling towers)

  • galvanic plants

  • pump construction

JUMO flowTRANS US W01 flowmeter in mixing plants