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The warranty that accompanies products plays a key role in the purchasing process, being one of the foundations on which trust between the customer and the supplier is based. As a manufacturer and seller of equipment, as well as a guarantor, we realize how important it is for the consumer to be sure that when investing in a product, they will receive support and a guarantee of its quality. In order to meet your expectations and to dispel any doubts, we have decided to prepare answers to the most frequently asked questions about the warranty of JUMO Poland products. Our goal is to ensure full transparency and comfort when using our solutions. Read on and learn about your rights under the warranty!

Do your products come with a warranty?

Yes, most of the products we offer are under warranty. However, take into account that certain components that wear out naturally during operation, such as electrodes or sensors, may be excluded from the warranty.

What is the duration of the warranty? Warranty term

For most products, the warranty lasts 12 months, calculated from the date of the invoice. However, it is always a good idea to check the individual warranty terms for a particular product, as they may vary depending on the type of goods.

When does the warranty not apply? Warranty conditions

The warranty is not valid in cases such as inappropriate use, faulty installation and excessive loads, e.g. connection to inadequate voltage, mechanical and chemical damage, e.g. dented diaphragm, snagged contacts or device after a fall, and when unauthorized repairs have been made.

How to make a warranty claim?

You can make a claim using the dedicated form available on our website:  https://www.jumo.pl/web/services/maintenance/return-shipment . Along with the complaint, provide the Declaration of Decontamination. You can send your claim by e-mail to: serwis@jumo.net or by fax to: +48 71 339 32 80. The minimum content of the claim should include: data identifying the goods, including the type of goods and the number of the sales invoice, as well as the date on which the defect was found and a detailed description of the defect itself, as well as the circumstances of its disclosure.

Who bears the transportation costs in case of a complaint?

If you have comments about a product you purchased from us and plan to return it, please report it to us first. After a thorough review of your report, we will give you instructions on the next steps. If you send the product back without our approval, the shipping costs will be on your side. In the case of the standard complaint process, you will cover the cost of shipping the product to us, and we will return the product to you at our expense. However, it is worth remembering that if your complaint is not accepted by us, you may be charged for both shipments.

Remember to properly protect your shipped goods from damage.

How long does it take to process a complaint?

If you submit a claim to us, it usually takes us about 14 days to process it thoroughly from the time we get all the necessary information from you. However, we want to emphasize that sometimes we may need a little more time, especially if a more thorough analysis of the product is needed. Our priority is to assess the situation accurately and professionally.

Am I obligated to take back goods that have defects? Warranty vs. defective goods

Yes, if the goods you ordered have minor imperfections that do not affect their proper functioning, you are obliged to take them back. This is especially true for products specially made to your order. Of course, if the defects and non-conformity of the goods with the contract are significant and affect the functioning of the product, you can claim it.

What can I do if my warranty is not recognized?

If your warranty is not recognized, you have several options:

  1. Post-warranty service: After your warranty has expired or if your claim is not recognized, we offer post-warranty service. This means that we can still repair or service your product, but there will be an additional cost.
  2. Consult with us: If you disagree with the decision not to recognize the warranty, it is worth contacting us to discuss the situation. It may be that we need additional information or clarification about the product problem.
  3. Check by a third party: If you are still in doubt about the decision, you may want to consider consulting an independent expert or service technician to assess the product's condition.
  4. Document review: It's also a good idea to study the warranty documentation carefully to make sure that all warranty conditions have been met.

Remember, we are always ready to help and clarify any doubts about the warranty and service of JUMO Poland products.

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