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Measurement sensors for wind power plants - temperature, pressure, level and humidity measurement and control systems

In order to ensure optimum operation, performance and extend the life of wind turbines, accurate monitoring of their key components is essential. Measurement sensors play a key role in this process. In this blog post, we present JUMO measurement solutions and automation systems for various wind farm applications including rotor, nacelle, gearbox and generator. Read on and find out more about our range of products!

Automation systems and temperature sensors for the rotor blade

In modern wind turbines, the rotor blades are one of the most important structural components. Due to their size and importance for the efficiency of the turbine, it is crucial to carefully monitor and control their temperature.

The JUMO PLC mTRON T was developed to meet these requirements. Its modular design allows an appropriate number of temperature probes to be connected, so that the temperature can be accurately monitored at different locations on the blade. For this application, we recommend digital temperature sensors with an IO-Link interface, e.g. JUMO dTRANS T1000 or CANopen such as the JUMO CANtrans T. This is crucial to optimise wiring and reduce the associated costs.

In addition, in order to ensure efficient control of thermal energy, the JUMO mTRON T PLC works in conjunction with the JUMO series power controller TYA. By linking the two devices via the system bus, it is possible to precisely control the heating or cooling process of the blades, resulting in longer blade life and improved efficiency of the entire turbine.

measurement sensors for the rotor blade

JUMO solutions for rotor blade - (1) Resistance temperature sensor with head (902030), (2) Resistance temperature sensor with CANopen digital output (902910), (3) Resistance temperature sensor with IO-Link interface JUMO dTRANS T1000 (902915), (4) JUMO TYA 201/202 thyristor power controllers (709061, 709062) (5) JUMO TYA 432 thyristor power switch (709010, 709020) (6) JUMO mTRON T industrial PLC (705000)

Pressure transmitters and temperature sensors for the rotor

The rotor of a wind power plant The wind turbine rotor is the heart of the turbine, converting wind energy into mechanical energy. In order for it to operate efficiently and safely, monitoring its condition is crucial. Measuring the temperature of the rotor blades is important, as fluctuations in the temperature can indicate potential problems or malfunctions. For example, too low a temperature may suggest icing on the blades, which compromises the efficiency of the turbine and can lead to serious damage. For this application, we recommend surface or plug-in resistance temperature sensors. Our probes are extremely resistant to extreme weather conditions. It is also important to control the temperature of the rotor blade heaters with temperature limiters and thermostats, e.g. JUMO heatTHERM.

On the other hand, pressure measurement, especially in the rotor hydraulic system, makes it possible to monitor and adjustment of the blade angle of attack. Abnormal pressure in this system may indicate hydraulic problems. This is where the JUMO CANtrans p.

JUMO rotor measuring sensors

JUMO measuring sensors for the rotor - (1) CANopen® pressure transmitter JUMO CANtrans p Ceramic (402055) (2) Resistance temperature sensor (902550) (3) Plug-in resistance temperature sensor (902153) (4) Resistance temperature sensor made of vibration-resistant polymer JUMO plastoSENS T02 (904002) (5) Resistance temperature sensor with IO- interface. Link JUMO dTRANS T1000 (902915) (6) Resistance temperature sensor with head (902030/80) (7) JUMO heatTHERM built-in thermostats (602031)

Temperature and humidity sensors for the gondola

The nacelle contains key components of the turbine, such as the generator and gearbox. To ensure their reliability, JUMO supplies temperature sensors temperature and humidity transmitters that meticulously track internal conditions to prevent corrosion and overheating. Pressure sensors monitor ventilation systems, while calorimetric flow sensors, e.g. JUMO PINOS L02, watch over the correct circulation of coolants and oils.

Temperature and humidity sensors for the gondola

JUMO measuring sensors for nacelles - (1) Differential pressure transmitter (404304) (2) Plug-in resistive temperature sensor (902550) (3) Plug-in resistive temperature sensor (902150) (4) Humidity, temperature transmitter and CO2 measuring probe (907021) (5) JUMO ATHS-SW single or double built-in thermostats (603035) (6) JUMO PINOS L02 flow switch (406041)

Temperature, pressure and oil level sensors in the gearbox

The gearbox is one of the most stressed components in a wind turbine. Monitoring of oil temperature, pressure and oil level can help detect problems with overheating, insufficient lubrication or leaks. Our plug-in or screw-in resistance temperature sensors of various lengths have met this challenge and adapt perfectly to the internal conditions of the gearbox. The latest versions are now equipped with a 4-20 mA two-wire output, CANopen or IO-Link output. Another gearbox solution we recommend is the float switch NESOS for oil level monitoring, which can additionally track temperature.

Temperature, pressure and oil level sensors in the gearbox

Temperature, pressure and oil level sensors in the gearbox - (1) Bimetallic temperature switches (608301) (2) Float switch in standard version JUMO NESOS R02 LS (408302) (3) Transmitter for high pressure ranges JUMO MIDAS H20 HP (401020) (4) Screw-in resistance temperature sensor with head (902030) (5) Resistance temperature sensor with IO-Link interface JUMO dTRANS T1000 (902915)

Temperature monitoring in generators with and without gearboxes

In wind power plants, the geared generator plays a key role in converting wind energy into electricity. Its efficiency is dependent on adequate cooling and lubrication, so monitoring the temperature and oil pressure is essential. Particularly in systems without gearboxes, the internal temperature must be continuously monitored to avoid overloading the generator. For this application, we recommend, among others, bimetallic and plug-in temperature sensors and platinum Pt100 sensors.

Temperature monitoring in systems without and with adjustable transmission

Temperature and level sensors for systems without and with adjustable transmission - (1) Bimetallic temperature switches (608301) (2) Hygrostat (907032) (3) Plug-in resistance temperature sensor (902153) (4) JUMO plastoSENS T01 electrostatic discharge resistant temperature sensor (904001) (5) Platinum thermometer resistors (906121)

Pressure transmitter for the brake system

To ensure the safety and efficiency of a wind power plant, it is crucial to accurately monitoring of the braking system. Although, during normal power plant operation, deceleration is achieved by adjusting the rotor blade angle, there are situations where a disc brake is required - for example, during an emergency shutdown, maintenance work or repairs.

It is precisely at such times that JUMO technology plays a key role. The JUMO MIDAS pressure transmitter H20 HP, featuring a mechanical, highly resistant measuring system with thin-film technology, effectively monitors brake pressure. Its advantage is the combination of a large measuring range measurement range with a compact design, making it ideal for diverse applications in wind power plants.

Pressure transmitter for the brake system

Pressure transducer for brake system - (1) Transducer for high pressure ranges with ECE approval JUMO MIDAS H20 HP (401020)

Temperature and humidity sensors for transformer stations

Transformer stations are the heart of wind energy conversion. For them to operate reliably, temperature and humidity monitoring is crucial.

The heat generated by the transformer is effectively dissipated by air conditioners. To monitor the temperature of the transformer oil, we recommend resistance temperature probes or contact dial thermometers.

Measuring humidity is equally important. JUMO hygrostats are ideal for simple two-state control of relative air humidity. They do not require a separate mains voltage and are largely maintenance-free thanks to specially treated plastic fibres.

Temperature and humidity sensors for transformer stations

Temperature and humidity sensors for transformer station - (1) Resistance temperature sensor with head (902030) (2) Bimetallic thermometer with contact connection (608540) (3) Hygrostat (907032) (4) Electrostatic discharge resistant temperature sensor for JUMO plastoSENS T01 transformers (904001)

Innovative technology for wind turbines - rugged sensors made from polymers

Although they look like a conventional temperature probe, they are a real innovation for the industry. We are talking about sensors in plastic housings JUMO plastoSENS T. Using the latest thermoplastic technology, we have created a tool with almost infinite adaptability to meet specific needs. By combining thermally conductive and non-conductive materials, we have optimised response times and minimised heat conduction errors.

Whether it is engines, gearboxes or generators in the nacelle, vibration is an issue. Thanks to the innovative use of thermoplastics, our probes, completely enclosed in a plastic housing, offer the perfect solution, eliminating the risk of vibration-related damage.

And, more importantly for the energy industry, our products are developed with individual customer needs in mind. With complete design freedom, we can tailor the sensors to the specific requirements of each wind power plant. JUMO plastoSENS T is not only a step forward in temperature monitoring, but above all a guarantee for optimal operation of each wind turbine component.

Read more here:

Sensors in plastic housing from the plastoSENS series

Sensors in plastic housing from the plastoSENS series

Summary - industrial automation and measurement sensors for wind farms

In a world where wind farms are a key player in the production of green energy, precision, reliability and innovation are essential. JUMO, with its advanced sensors and control systems, is becoming an indispensable partner in this industry. From accurately monitoring the temperature of the rotor blades, to controlling the pressure in the hydraulic systems, to meticulously tracking the conditions inside the nacelle - JUMO technology ensures that every component of the wind turbine is operating optimally. Sensors such as the plastoSENS T, the MIDAS H20 HP pressure transmitter or resistive temperature sensors are just a few of the solutions offered by JUMO to support the reliability and efficiency of wind turbines.

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