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Thank you for your participation in the Customer Satisfaction Survey

Transparency - this feature has always been and always will be extremely important to us. For this reason, we would like to tell you about an initiative we took at JUMO late last year. In November 2021, we conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey. Each participant could choose where to donate to charity on their behalf. We gifted a total of PLN 10,000 to three foundations: Fundacja Przylądek Nadziei, Polska Akcja Humanitarna oraz Fundacja Votum.

Customer Survey: present the results of the 2021 survey

✔ JUMO customers come from a wide range of industries: HVAC (13%), Measurement, Control, Automation (13%), Water/Environmental Engineering (13%), and Food & Beverage (11%). Other areas include water and power supply, electrical engineering, metalworking, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, medical and biotechnology.

✔ In the question - how satisfied are you with your cooperation with JUMO, 42% of the customers chose 10 (the highest rating, on a scale of 1-10), 22% of the customers chose 9, and 24% of the customers chose 8, which translates into an average of 9.0.

✔ In the question section on technological solutions, each respondent agreed (score higher than 7, scale of 1-10) with the statements that:

JUMO products are of excellent quality.

JUMO is very flexible when it comes to technological solutions.

The product design is sufficient.

Custom-made products to a specific specification are almost always possible.

JUMO devices are very intuitive to operate.

And of which we are very proud that:

When it comes to providing complete solutions - JUMO is leading the market.

✔ As many as 96% of you are satisfied with your contact person, feel that he/she is a specialist in his/her field and can offer you tailor-made solutions which are perfectly adapted to your needs. The same percentage of respondents say they always find it easy to get in touch with a JUMO representative (easy accessibility) and that they have been in a relationship of trust with them for many years.

✔ What is very important for us - from the section of questions devoted to company image, we notice that you - JUMO customers - perceive us as a reliable business partner who keeps his/her commitments. You also see us as a family-owned company, proud of its origin and traditions, but not afraid to look to the future. With an established, stable position on the market.

✔ The respondents appreciated also JUMO employees' behaviour in the face of crisis situations (we wish we hadn't - but we all know that such situations sometimes occur). The customers positively assessed our reaction time - the assistance provided by JUMO specialists was described as fast and effective. Our procedures are open and transparent.

What are our conclusions, future plans? Summary.

❗ In the survey, we have also left room for your questions / opinions / constructive criticism - all because we care about your opinion. We would like to change for the better by adapting the JUMO product portfolio and services to your needs.

❗ The most frequently asked questions were - to extend our product portfolio (we are constantly working on it, for this year we have some very interesting premieres planned), to ensure even faster delivery times (we do our best to deliver JUMO products to you as soon as possible, we take care of process and supply chain continuity in various ways - we adapt to dynamically changing market situation).

Once again, thank you to all of you who took part in the Customer Satisfaction Survey. Thank you for your time, positive feedback, interesting observations and comments.

Over the next few months we will work on providing you with solutions even better tailored to your needs 🙋