Beaming Faces at the Award Ceremony

Children Impress with Creative Works of Art to Mark JUMO's 75th Anniversary

The children of the JUMO employees were absolutely thrilled: The works they submitted to a painting competition were worthy of an award from the jury. This meant that 9 children each received a gift voucher for toys worth 75 Euro.


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In August and September JUMO invited all of its employees in Germany, or rather their children, to take part in a big children's art competition. The little artists worked hard and let their imaginations run wild. Colorful creations were completed with enthusiasm and dedication.

"There were no limits to creativity. We on the jury were impressed by how diverse and playful the theme '75 years of JUMO' was implemented," says Anja Senf from the "75 years of JUMO" project team. The anniversary motto "people and technology on the move" was a recurring theme in many of the pictures.

The painting competition was one of 10 employee campaigns this year, as Helge E. Jost, Project Manager for "75 Years of JUMO", explains. A large tree planting campaign with around 100 employees will now follow at the beginning of November, after JUMO general partners and JUMO managers had already planted seedlings in the UNESCO Rhön Biosphere Reserve in March.

The little artists were certainly happy with their gift certificates. The pictures are now on display in the JUMO canteen.

The awards were presented to: Carlotta Handwerk (5), Ella Halsch (7), Emma Nebenführ (6), Jasmin Arlt (8), Klara Reith (10), Lennard Bott (10), Magdalena Röder (4), Maximilian Hartung (9), and Milena Möller (5).

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