"JUMO creates future and growth"

The move from October firmly on the calendar

The construction work at the JUMO SENSILO plant in the Fulda-West Technology Park continues to make rapid progress. The next major step will be the relocation in October, as JUMO Managing Director Dr. Steffen Hoßfeld explained to Fulda's Lord Mayor Dr. Heiko Wingenfeld and City Planning Officer Daniel Schreiner during a tour of the site. At 50 million euros, the new building is the largest investment in JUMO's history.


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"We are creating the future here, we are creating growth", emphasized Hoßfeld. According to Hoßfeld, the new building is primarily about digitalization, material flow optimization, reduction of cost structures and thus ultimately about efficiency gains in order to survive in global competition. JUMO is building a factory of the future on a greenfield site in Rodges, primarily to reduce unit costs by using state-of-the-art technology.

JUMO is still on schedule, emphasized project manager Stefan Reith. The costs also remain within the planned framework. The entire team is highly motivated and the individual trades are working hand in hand, he explained. For this project, the decision was made to implement integrated project management. The construction contractors are integrated into the project right from the start of the planning phase. This ensures that everyone involved in the project can work out an optimal solution right from the start. "This partnership-based process is very innovative, saves costs and protects against potential lawsuits", says Reith.

Commitment to the Fulda site

Christian Gies, Head of Facility Management, was impressed by the know-how and expertise of the companies involved. "The trade firms and partner companies here in the region have enormous expertise and years of experience. This is another reason for the rapid construction progress so far", emphasized Gies.

"The new JUMO SENSILO plant is a clear commitment to the Fulda location and strengthens the economic power of the entire region", said Fulda's Lord Mayor Dr. Heiko Wingenfeld. City planning officer Daniel Schreiner praised the good cooperation with JUMO: "The process from planning to implementation with the JUMO construction managers was characterized by a high degree of reliability", said Schreiner.

Production area of around 13,000 square meters

JUMO is building a plant for the production of temperature and pressure sensors in the technology park with a production area of around 13,000 square meters. These product areas have recently experienced above-average growth; JUMO also sees great potential here in the coming years.

JUMO plans to double the production volume of temperature sensors by 2026 compared to 2022, as Dr. Michael Schwander, Head of Production Temperature Sensor Technology, explained. The production of pressure sensors will also become significantly more efficient. "The current five areas in different buildings and floors in Plant 1 will now be concentrated in a single location in the new plant as a result of the move", said Schwander.

Geothermal plant covers peak load

According to current plans, JUMO will completely dispense with fossil fuels. A geothermal system will be used to support the heating system. This will cover the peak load, while the base load will be completely covered by heat recovery from the production processes. The new plant's cooling and ventilation systems will be operated primarily with self-generated electricity from a photovoltaic system.

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