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Sensor technology

Inductive sensors

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Unterteilung der Drucksensoren nach Messverfahren:

  • Dickschicht-Keramik
  • Dünnschicht-Metall
  • Silizium, piezo-resistiv
  • kapazitiv
  • induktiv

Photo: JUMO. The relationship between the type of sensor and the measuring range

Advantages and disadvantages of the different pressure sensor technologies

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Table 1: A comparison of sensor technologies

Welche Arten von Sensormaterialien gibt es in der Druckmesstechnik?

In der Tabelle haben wir Informationen zu den verfügbaren Werkstoffen für Sensoren in Abhängigkeit vom jeweiligen Messverfahren zusammengestellt.

Table 2: Sensor technologies with typical membrane materials

Stainless steel

generally has a good level of resistance to corrosion, except against non-oxidizing acids, such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid. The corrosion resistance is always influenced by the operating temperature. Ionic halogen compounds, such as chlorides, fluorides or bromides, can cause pitting and can also lead to stress corrosion.

Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)

… provides very good corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis and also has a high temperature resistance, depending on the level of purity. This material has the almost perfect level of elasticity up to the breaking point.

Hastelloy C

… is suitable for almost every medium that can be used with stainless steels. Furthermore, it is suitable for alkalis and organic acids. At low temperatures, it can also be used in many concentrations of hydrochloric acid, in stagnant seawater, and sulphuric acid – unlike stainless steel.


… has excellent corrosion resistance against organic media such as ultra-pure water, media containing chloride, as well as stagnant and flowing seawater. The welding procedure is a challenge during processing.

Copper beryllium

The material compatibility is not the focus here as inductive sensors are mainly exposed to air or inert gases. The alloy has excellent suspension properties.

JUMO. Pressure transmitter