ultrasonic flowmeter

Ultrasonic flowmeter – top 10 applications

Ultrasonic flow meters are high-tech devices for measuring water flow. They are used in a variety of industries from water and wastewater technology to chemical dosing. Check out the 10 most common applications of our ultrasonic flow meters from the flowTRANS US series!

What is ultrasonic flow meter?

An ultrasonic flow meter is a device that is used to measure flow of liquids by means of ultrasound. The basic principle of operation is that a transmitter emits ultrasonic waves that reach a receiver located on the opposite side. This process will occur in both directions - with and against the flow.

How does an ultrasonic flow meter work? Ultrasonic technology

The difference in signal transit time is proportional to the speed of the fluid flow, from which the volumetric flow rate of the medium is determined. When there is no flow, the ultrasonic signals will last the same amount of time in both directions.

It comes in stationary form for continuous flow rate monitoring and as a portable flowmeter, which is used for control measurements and in applications with limited space.

What are the advantages of ultrasonic flow meters?

Due to its construction without moving parts and its operating principle based on ultrasound, this type of flow meter has many advantages, that mechanical flow meters do not have, including:

  • precise measurement

  • low wear and low maintenance - non-invasive flow meter

  • flexibility of use

  • non-contact measurement particularly beneficial in the case of aggressive liquids and high pressures

Where ultrasonic flow meter is used?

An ultrasonic sensor for liquids is a device with flexible applications. For example, the JUMO flow meters of the flowTRANS US series offer application possibilities ranging from water and environmental technology to chemical dosing. Among others, they are used by small and medium-sized water treatment plants, electroplating plants and in pump construction. In addition, they will also prove their worth in applications in the fields of heating, air conditioning and ventilation, e.g. in cooling water circuits or cooling tower technology.

The ultrasonic flow meter is designed to work in a wide variety of applications including water technology and chemical dosing.

Flow meter for water and liquids

The flexibility of ultrasonic flowmeters and the absence of moving parts make them ideal for accurate measurements of liquids such as drinking, process and service water, among others. They will also work well for aggressive liquids in applications such as chemical dosing.

Flowmeter for seawater

The JUMO flowTRANS US W01 and W02 ultrasonic flowmeters can also be used with seawater, e.g. in reverse osmosis seawater desalination to obtain drinking water.

Ultrasonic flow meters are suitable for measuring clean and slightly dirty water and various liquids, including aggressive ones

Wastewater flow meters

Ultrasonic flowmeters will work well for measuring liquid flow in wastewater applications and any dirty liquids. They are capable of measuring liquid in all phases, including liquids carrying suspended solids, sludge by-products and other materials. In wastewater applications, they can also be used to dispense treatment chemicals.

The lightweight ultrasonic flow meter has many advantages in wastewater applications - it does not wear out, does not require periodic checking and calibration, and is easy and less expensive to install as there is no need to cut lines, interrupt operations or drain the pipe.

The flowTRANS series flowmeters are recommended for slightly contaminated water and galvanic and surface treatment wastewater.

The ultrasonic flow meters of the flowTRANS US series can be used in lightly polluted wastewater

Glycol flow meters

A mixture of water and glycol, thanks to the latter's ability to transfer heat and its low freezing point when mixed with water, is used in HVAC cooling and heating systems such as ammonia chillers or cooling towers. In order to optimise performance in such applications and generate a mixture with the correct balance, flow measurement is carried out. The ultrasonic flow meter from the flowTRANS US series will also fulfil its task here.

Flow meters for non-conductive media

Ultrasonic flowmeters, unlike electromagnetic flowmeters, can measure the flow of non-conductive fluids such as ultrapure water. They will prove useful for measuring media with very low conductivity below < 20 μS/cm, e.g. in reverse osmosis stations.

Replace your water meter with an ultrasonic flow meter! Flow meter for polyelectrolyte preparation station

JUMO ultrasonic flow meters from the flowTRANS US series can also replace standard water meters at polyelectrolyte preparation stations. They are similarly priced and offer additional advantages such as no moving parts and a 4-20 mA signal, among others.

Other applications of the ultrasonic meters

  • Flowmeter for low flow rates

  • Galvanic systems

  • Pump construction

  • Wash water recovery