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JUMO Poland - a guide to our offer in Poland

We are pleased by the interest you show in our company. Your questions and comments about JUMO Poland are extremely valuable to us. That's why we decided to create this blog post to answer the most frequently asked questions, as well as to introduce you to our business, history and offerings. We want you to get to know us better, our products and what motivates us every day. We look forward to reading it!

Where is the headquarters of JUMO Poland located?

JUMO Poland's headquarters are located in the heart of Lower Silesia, in Wroclaw, Poland. This is where our office and warehouse are located. The choice of Wroclaw was not accidental. This city, due to its rapidly developing infrastructure and access to qualified personnel, has become an ideal place for our business.

How long has JUMO been operating in Poland?

JUMO Poland has been operating in the Polish market for 25 years. However, we benefit from as much as 75 years of experience and know-how of our headquarters in Fulda, Germany.

How many employees are there at the Polish subsidiary of JUMO?

There are 25 employees at the Polish subsidiary of JUMO. Some of them work in the office in Wroclaw, while others represent our company in different corners of Poland.

Some of JUMO Poland employees at a product training session

What is JUMO Poland's offering?

We offer a wide range of measurement, control, and regulation technologies, providing products to various industrial sectors.

  • Temperature measurement: Our offerings include paperless recorders, panel-mounted digital indicators, temperature transmitters, platinum resistance thermometers, thermocouples (types K, J, L), thermostats, temperature monitors and limiters, steam sensors for heat meters, resistance temperature sensors, and indicator thermometers. Additionally, we provide accessories for temperature sensors.
  • Pressure measurement technology: Pressure transducers, switches, and manometers.
  • Humidity measurement technology: This category encompasses humidity sensors and transducers.
  • Liquid analysis: We offer automation systems and a wide range of probes, sensors, and electrodes for pH, conductivity, redox potential, chlorine, bromine, ammonia, turbidity, tellurium, and hydrogen. Additionally, our portfolio includes transmitters, controllers, and accessories.
  • Level measurement: In this category, you will find level transducers and level indicators, including limit level indicators and hydrostatic level sensors.
  • Flow meters: We provide ultrasonic, electromagnetic, turbine, vortex, and magnetic-inductive flow meters for measuring liquid and gas flows.
  • Controllers and regulators: Our offerings include PID controllers and controllers for various industrial processes.
  • Data recording technology: We offer paperless data recorders, industrial software, and other tools.
  • Automation and control: In this category, we offer PLC controllers with HMI panels, thyristor controllers, solid-state relays (SSRs), and thyristor power controllers.
  • Accessories: This includes thermocouple protection sheaths, cable connections, mounting brackets, and more.

We continuously adapt our offerings to meet the changing market needs. For more detailed information about our current offerings, it's advisable to consult directly with our sales department.

JUMO offer

Examples of equipment from our portfolio, which includes temperature and pressure measurements, fluid analysis and automation equipment, among others.

What industries can we supply our equipment to?

We supply our equipment to almost all industrial sectors. Here are some of the industries where our equipment is used:

  • Food and beverages: including beer production and CIP cleaning processes, among others.
  • Water and wastewater: This includes, but is not limited to, groundwater treatment, pool water preparation and water cooling systems.
  • Rail technology: Applications in diesel propulsion and chassis technology.
  • Hydrogen industry
  • Aquaculture
  • Thermal processes technology: Our products support both continuous and discrete heat treatment processes.
  • Heating and air conditioning technology
  • Ships construction: Our solutions are used in tankers and seawater treatment processes, among other applications
  • Heating and cooling
  • Climate control in greenhouse facilities

And much more! Contact us - we will select a solution dedicated to your application.

industrial branches

We supply our equipment to almost all industries

Is it possible to buy only 1 piece or do you need larger quantities?

It is possible to place an order for a single piece of any of our products. However, it is important to consider that one of the key elements of our pricing system is the number of units ordered. In practice, this means that with larger orders we are able to offer more competitive prices, allowing our customers to realize significant savings.

Do we make 3D drawings?

Yes, we produce 3D drawings upon customers' request. These drawings are useful for the design, assembly and integration of our products. Just contact us and we will provide the necessary materials.

Do we select equipment replacements?

Yes, we select replacement equipment at the request of customers. At JUMO, we strive to provide comprehensive service and adapt to the individual needs of our customers. If you need a replacement for a specific device, please contact us and we will help you find the right solution.

Are you able to provide me with a complete project, including the services and components necessary to complete it?

Yes, we offer full projects, which can include all necessary aspects, such as measurement design, data collection for SCADA system, use of cloud solutions, PLC programming, and more. We are ready to provide a complete project, along with the services and components needed to implement it, including if this means having to work with other companies.